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“Breaking news is coming now”, do you want to be a journalist of the modern age and give people the truth? Here's the information you need.

Students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication will gain knowledge about all aspects of journalism and communication. By focusing on broad communication ideas, theories, and expert practices, the course helps students gain the knowledge they need to compete in the modern world. Specializations like TV Production, Film Creation, Advertising, Worldwide, Global Communication, etc. are offered as electives to meet specializations in the educational program. These courses instill a sense of innovation and fulfillment. They adhere to industry standards and provide a system of professional and individual improvement.

The Indian media industry is one of the most rewarding and promising in the world. Media and Media are expected to grow by 13.5% between 2014-2024. India has the second-largest number of newspaper readers in the entire world. With 240 million copies distributed daily, the BJMC offers a variety of BJMC positions for graduates.

Course Details

BJMC, a 3-year degree program in journalism and media, allows students to gain valuable knowledge and skills. The course emphasizes important media aspects such as PR Theory, Radio Journalism, Broadcasting, and Photojournalism. The course has six semesters. BJMC teaches gathering, transmission, and distribution of news.

What is BJMC?

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication, or BJMC, teaches journalism skills like gathering and delivering of information. The BJMC undergraduate course, which lasts three years, teaches software, communication skills, equipment, writing abilities, and analytical ability.

Why should you choose BJMC?

BJMC courses are a good career choice because of:

  • A great chance to get a job in a rapidly growing industry: According to IBEF, Indian Media and Industry outlets are expected to grow 13.5% between 2014-2024 and be worth USD 43.93 Billion. This will provide a lot of opportunities for BJMC students to compete later.
  • Increasing employment opportunities: According to various reports and Industry insiders, there has been an increase in the number of vacant positions over the last 5 years. It has caused a mismatch between the demand for jobs and the supply of qualified workers. The BJMC Course helps the students to develop skills that are in line with the Media and Media industries.
  • High Pay Scale: The BJMC graduates have the opportunity to work as different profiles such as reporters, writers, news analysts, photojournalists, etc. The average annual salary for a BJMC graduate is INR 395,000. This includes extra benefits such as dental and medical protection.
  • Expertise: The BJMC prospectus is designed so that up-and-coming experts can improve their abilities in communication, presentation, and writing. They will also be able to develop the relational skills and imaginative reasoning they need to fill in as an expert.

Who can choose BJMC?

  • The BJMC is a course that should be taken by students who wish to pursue a journalism career, creative writing, or publication.
  • For a career as a journalist or mass communicator, the candidate must have excellent abilities in communication and presentation. Candidates with the required skills should enroll in the corresponding course.
  • BJMC can be a good choice for those who wish to use their writing ability to encourage others to fight social injustices.
  • BJMC is a course that can be taken by candidates who want to pursue a career as a copywriter. BJMC is also a good option for students who have an interest in editing work.
  • Columnists and other media professionals are constantly faced with different challenges. BJMC will be the best choice for applicants who are ready to take on challenges.

BJMC Job Profiles

BJMC holders can choose from a wide range of positions, both government and non-government. BJMC graduates can work for TV channels and newspapers, radio broadcasting organizations, magazines, journalism associations, advertising offices, public relations firms, television broadcasting companies, photography associations, etc. They can also expand their business opportunities and gain a wider perspective. Here are some of the most popular jobs for BJMC applicants:

  • Journalist
  • Correspondent
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Creative Head
  • Sub-Editor
  • Editor
  • Public Relations Official
  • Public Relation Administrator
  • Radio Jockey
  • Video Jockey
  • Anchor

BJMC Qualification Standards

To meet the BJMC qualifications standards, students should complete the following parameters:

  • Students should complete class 12 in any of the streams from a perceived Board
  • Participants must achieve a minimum of 50% to 60% in class 12.
  • At least 17 years of age is required for the up-and-coming.

BJMC fees

The BJMC course is broken down into six semesters over three years. BJMC courses include Digital Media and Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations and Value Education, Corporate Communication, and more. The BJMC fee is around INR 3-5 lakhs. This may vary from college to college. Better will be to contact the college for better understanding.

Best Choice in Delhi NCR: DME

Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) is highly respected as a premier institution for higher learning. DME has assembled an impressive faculty body filled with accomplished academics and industry experts. Professors are recognized scholars in their fields, adept at providing students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. They employ interactive teaching methods coupled with the latest technological tools. DME's faculties mentor and guide students closely, motivating them to excel. This culture of academic excellence permeates across DME's departments and programs. Students graduate with critical thinking abilities, domain expertise, and creative confidence. They are equipped to succeed in global environments. With renowned faculties and emphasis on all-round development, DME has established itself as a leading light for quality education, holding a reputation for nurturing bright talents.


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