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Virtual Assistant Backlink Building—what's that?

Simply put, backlink building is external links to your site. The ideal sort of backlink building is when someone references your site in their article, especially if they have more authority than you. Any backlink building will boost your Page Rank. While your VA promotes your business on other websites, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Increasing Google Page Rank with a Virtual Assistant

Website owners aspire for greater page rank to top search results. Google and other search engines trust backlinks. To boost your Google Page Rank, you employ content marketing, SEO, and social networking. Since we don't know page rank's factors, it's harder. Every time Google updates its algorithm, we start over!

Authority contributes. Social media presence, current, relevant, fresh website content, and inbound links all contribute to authority. Backlinks, inbound links, are easy to handle and can quickly boost your Google authority and page rank.

Backlink Building: How Does It Work?

Backlink building involves adding your site link to directories for important inbound links. Backlink building can also involve emailing webmasters to request links in exchange for reciprocal connections. This backlink benefits both of you. The backlink helps both of you, even if one of you is new. As the older site owner grows, he will help the younger one. This chain reaction can benefit both website owners for years.

Don't overlook On-Page SEO—read our Search Engine Optimization How-To here.

It takes time. You also need to focus on your business operations. Virtual assistants can handle backlink building. It's not a full-time job, yet you may not have time for it. An as-needed virtual assistant can accomplish the duty. Virtual assistants can develop valuable website backlinks in a few hours per week.

Four Quick SEO Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Internal Links

Use your VA to review your site content and link to related articles. This will keep visitors interested and clicking through.

External Links

your VA can promote your website with SEO keywords on other websites.

SEO Keywords

your virtual assistant can study keywords for your business if you don't know where to start.

Blog Formatting for SEO

If you don't follow search engines' rules for blog quality and relevancy, even the best writing won't help.

Building backlinks can boost your authority. It can take time, but a virtual assistant can help you focus on other important tasks like social media presence. Unlike social media presence or fresh content, good website backlink development doesn't require ongoing maintenance. After building a solid foundation, adding new ones takes only a few hours a month. Backlinks are an excellent strategy to increase website popularity and authority.


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