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The New York Times aptly described the effect of the pandemic on outdoor advertising as a ‘seismic shock’. Even Coca-Cola is among the companies that have limited their ad campaigns during the coronavirus crisis, the New York Times report says. Long story cut short; a lot of companies are hitting the brakes on billboard ads and other forms of OOH advertising and are also pulling back until the coast clears.

Have you ever wondered why some companies can spend billions of dollars on advertising campaigns only to get a few hundreds of customers? Well, the conversion rate has a lot to with the impact of the message on the target audience. It is why unconventional tactics like backpack billboards could be the answer.

Backpack Billboard

Creative OOH with Mobile Billboards

Globally, the amount of money going to advertising campaigns is expected to breach the half-a-trillion dollar mark in 2019. In particular, the internet is increasingly becoming pivotal in ad campaigns. eMarketer expects digital platforms to account for more than half of the total ad spend in 2019 in the US. Traditional media like TV and radio will account for less than half of the total ad spend. It has happened for the first time in the history of the industry. Comparably, digital platforms like Facebook, Google, and Amazon will account for 54.2% of the market share.

From the preceding, the need for brand visibility is more urgent today than ever before. Competition is getting tougher hence the need for brands to grow their presence through creating awareness. However, the enormous sums of money that go to advertising budgets do not always achieve the objectives. As such, there is a need for more innovative means of selling the brand to the target audience.

Stay-at-Home Ads with Door Hangers

During this crisis marketers will have to adapt and to stay on top of the latest trends. Its critical to improve type of advertising message shifting it to more sensitive perspective. The business of marketing is changing in the age of COVID-19. Whether its effects are brief or prolonged, marketers need to be nimble in these challenging times, and pivot when needed while optimizing performance throughout the crisis.

A noticeable new normal in consumer behaviour is the increased demand for food delivery services. According to NPD, 48.5% of all restaurant spending was for off-premise orders in the past 12 months and this is expected to accelerate during the lockdown.

Adzze has been working with its clients to adapt to a more sensitive message. The team has been extending the capabilities to offer advertising options that can reach the consumers at their safest place: at home.

Your advertisement is printed on door hangers and distributed to the households in the zip code or areas that were selected according to the marketing campaign. Adzze technology solutions are used to target demographic profiles such as income, age, ethnicity, marital status, so that we hit your exact target-market ensuring the door hanger delivery. In addition, the segmentation method enables to evaluate annual spend criteria so that you have a better insight into the spend behavior of the target audience. The consumers will be positively surprised if the door hanger brings them value as coupons or discounts. The advertiser must partner with the capable door hanger distributors to ensure to track the door hanger delivery to the targeted addresses. Typically, the return of the Door Hanger Advertising investment is 3x, this means for every $1 invested, the advertiser receives $3 back (you can see more details on the ROI calculation at the end of this article).




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