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Badge Printing Services: Benefits, Availability, and Alternative

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Although it’s easy to think about name badges, photo IDs, and other unique identifiers as a line item that must be reduced, it’s more beneficial to consider them as an investment that can be used to improve the value of your brand and cultivate an image of professionalism.

But, since there is an expense involved, it’s still worth your time to evaluate the total costs – such as, for instance, whether your supplier offers badge printing services or they require you to print your badges on your own.

Let’s consider some of the options available online and how they can help you manage your demand for IDs as well as the cost and quality.

Where Can You Get High-Quality Name Badges That Also Provides Badge Printing Services?
Some providers of photo ID badges and name badges offer badge printing services as well, making them one-stop shops for basically all your employee ID-related needs.

Consider, for instance, Imprint Plus (imprintplus.com). They offer a wide range of different, professional ID badges, including configurable options like The Mighty Badge and environmentally friendly options such as Bamboo Badges and The Eco-Badge.

They also offer an easy-to-use design tool that you can access online and will enable you to customize your employees’ name badges in a variety of different ways.

Easy to Use Design Tools Available
You can learn more about the online design tool at Imprint Plus by following the previous link. It is simple, straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use.

With a few clicks, you can customize your name badges according to size, background, template, and design, before customizing your name tags with text, logos, names, and more.

Imprint Plus will print your badges for you, which is an option if you prefer online ordering and don’t have your own ID card printing capabilities.

Working with a partner like Imprint Plus to design and print your badges is scalable and for some businesses might be the more affordable option. It’s certainly the most convenient, as all of their tools are available in one place, and it frees businesses from the need to have their own software and ID card printers in-house.

However, for some models, control and availability are better when badge printing is done in-house, on-site, where the name badges are actually needed. Fortunately, Imprint Plus can help with that too.

DIY-ID Badge Printing Services: Buying Your Own Badge Printer
In addition to giving businesses the option of printing their own badge designs, Imprint Plus also sells several ID card printers.

Buying an ID card or badge printer might seem like a large investment, but if your facility prints new name badges on a regular basis, having a printer in the house will afford unprecedented control over supply and ensure you’re never without a properly-identified employee, improving branding, security and access control.

Imprint Plus sells both entry and mid-level ID card printers that are capable of printing both monochromatic and photo IDs and which can print edge-to-edge in a variety of resolutions, from 300 to 1200 dpi.

Easy to operate, relatively affordable, and intuitive, their ID card printers are also fast and efficient. Depending on settings and configurations, some of their ID card printers can print up to 720 cards per hour; so no matter how steep your demands for employee badge printing, it’s almost certain you’ll be able to meet them by bringing printing in-house.

Moreover, having the ability to print your own badges without needing to contract that service out will give you peace of mind – there are no lead times when you can print your own badges.

Contact Imprint Plus for More Information
Interested in learning more about the different badge designs and configurations available online at Imprint Plus, or about their online design tools, badge printing services, and the badge printers they offer?

Visit their website via the links through this article or get in touch with them directly at 800-563-2464 for further assistance.

For more information about Id Badge Attachments and Customized Lapel Pins Please visit: Imprint Plus.


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