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Baguette Wedding Bands- A Complete Guide

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You have experienced one of the best moments of your life when he went on his knee and proposed. Now, it is time to take this excitement to the next level as you go about buying your bridal jewelry in NYC


The process of preparing for your big day and waiting for it involves restlessness, chaos, and butterflies in your stomach. Though it can be overwhelming, you might already have a dream wedding ring in your mind. If you want a ring that is minimalistic yet classic, then here’s the answer: Baguette Rings.


What are Baguette Diamond Rings?


A baguette diamond ring features a long and rectangular-shaped stone. It is a part of the step-cut family of diamond shapes, including the emerald cut and Asscher cut. They are a sophisticated and classic choice exhibiting a sleek and linear look which you can shop at the best diamond stores in NYC.


Now that you know what baguette rings are, let’s discuss their history.


History Of Baguette Diamond Rings


Diamond cuts like these have been around since the mid-16th century. During those days, they were often used to make monograms and jeweled letters. Cartier reintroduced the baguette cutting style in 1912, and in the following decades, jewelry designers of the Art déco period favored its clean lines and geometric shape. It was in the 20th century that the term “baguette” was first used in English to refer to this popular side stone as we know it today. 


After learning about the history of these diamonds, you might have imagined yourself wearing a baguette diamond ring. So let us discuss some more things about the ring so that you can choose the best diamond wedding bands in NYC.


What settings pair the best with baguette wedding rings?


Solitaire and Solitaire pave are the best settings that will allow you to flaunt the shape and look of the diamond. 


Can the baguette diamond be paired with other unique stones?


Yes, you can pair the baguette cut alongside angular stones like a square, emerald, radiant, Asscher, or hexagon. 


How can you tell if the baguette ring is high quality?


Baguette stones require fewer cuts than other cuts of diamonds. There are only 14 facets in a baguette-cut stone, which means that precision is essential. If the stone is not cut perfectly, flaws will be significantly more visible than in other cuts of diamonds. Thus, cut and clarity matter the most in a baguette diamond ring/ band.


How to care for a Baguette Ring?


Everyday chores can cause diamonds to lose their sparkle, from skin oils to makeup and skincare products to dirt and other environmental dust. Thus, it's essential to clean from underneath the ring's shaft so that dirt and other debris don't build up in the ring. If you're not sure how to clean the ring, take it to your jeweler, who will know what to do and will also handle the ring delicately. Make sure you store the ring in a safe place, like a jewelry box or fabric-lined ring box, while partaking in hand-heavy activities, especially when they involve any products that may harm your ring over time. Regular cleaning and proper care are crucial to keeping your diamonds shiny and radiant.


In light of the fact that you know all about baguette diamond rings, you might be wondering where can you buy one. Daniela Diamonds is one of the top stores in the Jewelry District of New York, with an exceptional range of wedding rings and bands. Do visit their store.

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