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Bakeries And Dairy Products Uses Dairy Protein To Make Cookies And Cakes

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The multifunctional capabilities of Dairy Protein include antibacterial, immunomodulatory, and antithrombotic effects. By encouraging the growth of skeletal muscle and promoting fat loss and fat mass reduction, it improves metabolic health. By raising glutathione levels within cells and fostering hormonal and cell-mediated immune responses, it also aids in the prevention of cancer. Additionally, it lessens insulin resistance, promotes diabetes glycemic management, and raises blood osmotic pressure.

Because of this, it has several uses in the global food and beverage (F&B), personal care and cosmetics, and nutraceutical industries. Dairy Protein is made up of milk proteins such whey and milk proteins in isolation, concentrate, or hydrolysate form. Since whey protein is a nutritious protein source that is packed with vital amino acids, it is frequently utilized in sports nutrition products and as a nutritional supplement for athletes. Additionally, dairy proteins are used in bakery goods like cookies and cakes as well as dairy products like protein-rich yogurt, shampoo, and personal care items.


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