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This is in addition to waiting for RuneScape Gold the attack bars that are specifically designed to refill with time. The new mechanics will let you be more effective in killing, yet you'll still be able to build adrenaline. You also have Threshold, Ultimate, and other abilities, if needed.

The action bar will always be an integral part of RuneScape. But it's not required that anyone engage with it. If you wish to continue interacting with RuneScape as you did in the past you'll be able to do so. It is possible to reduce the bar's action to keep a clear UI.

We've also stayed true to our founding principles of the freedom to choose. We're proud of the fact that you don't have to specialise in RuneScape or any other game, and we don't plan to create a class system that locks out gameplay depending on the choices you made when you created your account. I'm not going to divulge too much away, but we are making lots of cool changes to ensure that no matter the level you decide to build your character, there's an array of options to fight. Keep an eye on the next Og Blog post!

Balance and code can be made simpler. The code base of RuneScape is a complex place to work in. It has over a decade worth of development. Centralised systems allow us to begin from scratch and not worry about our code history creating amazing content for you.

It's also the perfect moment to balance some of the items that are poorly depicted in the current game (like giving more value to 2h gear during melee and ranged, and revamping spells that weaken), and reconsider those things we believe to 2007 RS Items be too powerful.


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