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Barren Village Apartment _ Cai Jun

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Ok, I said there were many mistakes in your novel, and now I remember some of them, such as the three old stories about Yanzhi-in the first story, you said that Yanzhi's husband Ouyang An left the desolate village because of the war. In fact, this is not the case, but because the desolate village was attacked by Japanese pirates, Ouyang An was captured by robbers to the sea. From then on, Rouge could only wait for her husband's return in the empty room. A few years later, people found a pirate ship of Japanese pirates floating on the sea. All the people on board had died and turned into bones. This is what people usually call a “ghost ship”. They were the Japanese pirates who had looted the desolate village. The written records on the ship said that soon after the Japanese pirates left the desolate village by boat, the pirates died one by one, and finally only one person was left, that is, their captive Ouyang An. However, Ouyang An's bones and clothes were not found on the ship, and he disappeared on the ghost ship like a mystery. In the second story, you said that the ghosts of Yanzhi and Ouyang An met on the night of the Double Ninth Festival and gave birth to a son. You are wrong. In the third year after parting from her husband,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, Yanzhi found a drowned man at the seaside. It turned out to be her husband Ouyang An. Rouge brought her husband's body home, smeared her own blood on his lips every night, and finally brought him back to life. However, everyone thought Ouyang An was dead, so he could only hide quietly, like a ghost husband, and later gave birth to a boy with Rouge. The third story,Oil Dropper Bottle, you say, is an epitaph dug up from the grave. Do you know the end of those grave robbers? They took the cultural relics stolen from the tomb and got on a bus to leave Zhejiang. As a result, they had a car accident when they left the province. Incredibly, all the other passengers on the bus had a near miss, but the three grave robbers all died. You must be very surprised to hear so many stories from me? However, you don't realize that you have already made a mistake. You shouldn't have written the novel “Desolate Village” at all, let alone published it in a magazine to let so many people know the existence of Desolate Village. You must ask me why, and I'm sorry I don't know why. In short, you and I can't imagine what the consequences of this novel will be. If you must ask me to leave a signature, my signature is Nie Xiaoqian. Nie Xiaoqian? I suddenly giggled. Why did the beautiful ghost in Liaozhaizhiyi come out and send me an email? Also, why do I always feel that the three stories she (he) said are more like novels than my “Desolate Village”? Maybe she (he) is also making up stories with me. I once posted a post on the Internet about the three stories of the ancient village. Are the things we see and hear in the world true or false? How many “mirror images” will appear when the same thing is in the mouth of different people? The story we hear is not the entity of the thing, but the image of the entity reflected in the mirror, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, and different mirrors may reflect different images. For example, the letters we see in the mirror are reversed, if the letters of the entity are reversed, then the mirror will appear positive, so do we think that what we see is the entity? In this way, the entity and the mirror image become blurred, and none of us can distinguish clearly. I mentioned three different versions of the story, and each version of the story has a close relationship with the speaker-of course, the last version is the epitaph of the dead-although I said in the novel that “the dead will not lie”, but as long as we think more deeply, is it true that the dead will not lie? Here we find that there may be a fourth, fifth, or even n versions of the story, and those of us who read the story are like standing in a labyrinth house full of countless mirrors (mirror images). Standing in front of each mirror alone, we will think that what we see is true, but if we see all the mirrors-maybe we will go crazy. Maybe there will be more and more bizarre versions. However, now I am more and more interested in this self-proclaimed “Nie Xiaoqian”. Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Desolate Village Apartment Day 3 (2) Small < say < t < xt > days? Don I immediately replied to her (him) with an email. Nie Xiaoqian: Although I call you like this, I don't believe you ran out of Lanruo Temple. You know, I'm not Ning Caichen, but Yan Chixia who killed demons. Besides, I don't object to you saying that the cat catches the mouse, but why do you have to be the cat and I have to be the mouse? I think it should be the other way around. I hope you're just making up a story or writing a novel, and if that's the case, I think I can give you support. However, if you try to scare me by pretending to be a ghost again, I will add your email to the rejection address. Whether you go back or not. After this email was sent, I felt a little more relaxed than I did a few days ago. You know, I don't usually talk like this. Nie Xiaoqian? I suddenly chuckled. wwW、xiaoshuotxt.com Desolate Village Apartment Day 4 (1) Small! Say ! txt! God . Don As soon as I opened my email box that day, I began to look for the email of “Nie Xiaoqian”. However, I didn't find any reply from her (him). Forget it, maybe the other party was just joking with me. I have said that I am writing a new novel, and every time I write a novel, I have to look up a lot of information, so that every time I write a novel, I will gain a lot of knowledge. Fortunately, I am good at using Google, so most of the information can be found on the Internet. This evening, when I was searching on Google, someone suddenly called my QQ,glass cream jars, which was a completely unfamiliar QQ number, and the nickname shocked me even more: “Nie Xiaoqian”. Did you see a ghost again? “Nie Xiaoqian” said to me at the other end of the network: “I know you are here, come out and show up quickly. I shook my head and could only “show up” obediently: “Did you run out of the Lanruo Temple. penghuangbottle.com


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