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Basic Dog Obedience Commands: “Leave It” and “Lie Down”

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Have you just begun your journey of being a dog owner? Congratulations. This endeavor is exciting though a bit challenging if you do not know what is going on or what you need to do.

Training your dog is one of the things you need to accomplish as part of your dog-owner routine. Which type of training should you realize? The answer depends on your lifestyle, your needs, and your dog's innate behavior. Most fur parents employ obedience training for their dogs. This training is beneficial because it can help make your beloved pup well-rounded and adaptable.

If you tend to start your dog’s obedience training, here are two commands you must consider. Are you ready?

“Lie down.” 

This command is basic that your pup may learn first. How can you teach this? Here is the general procedure:

  • Ask your dog to sit.
  • Show a treat before your dog’s nose and slowly gesture it, placing it on the floor between his paws.
  • Wait for your dog to follow the treat and lie down.
  • When your dog lies down, praise and reward him with a treat.

“Leave it.” 

This command is necessary to develop or improve your dog’s discipline. Listed below are the steps you can follow to succeed in this.

  • Hold a desirable object on your palm to attract your dog’s attention.
  • When your pup tries to reach the object, immediately close your hand, pull away, and utter the command “Leave it.”
  • Continuously repeat this second step until your dog no longer attempts to reach it.
  • Next, try to put the object on the floor.
  • When your beloved pet attempts to get it, reach for it and cover it using your hand or foot.
  • Recap this step until your dog understands what “leave it” means.

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