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There's certain basic information about an employee background check that everyone should know to help cope with today's new hiring environment. It is the case that employers in greater numbers than ever are starting to make use of these checks before making a hiring decision. In the current competitive job market, a background check may mean the difference between getting the job and not getting it.

There are several different reasons why background check companies employers might want to know what potential employees have in their backgrounds. For those who are thinking of working for the government, where a security clearance may be involved, the need for a background security investigation will be obvious. best background check companies for employers This is probably the most common reason for checks in government hiring. Nowadays many civilian employers are engaging in this practice for a variety of reasons. For one, an employer may want to verify that the information provided on a resume is true. Several studies have demonstrated that almost 50% of all resumes contain errors of fact.

Employers want to make sure that the employees they hire have resumes that are factual and have not been embellished. Background checks performed in this arena usually involve looking into such things as college education and whether or not a degree was obtained. Another area that is scrutinized is whether or not previous employers listed on the resume employed that person. There have been more than a few cases where potential employees have been caught with deliberate education and employment history errors on their resumes. Most employee background checks have to follow guidelines and regulations set down by the federal government, which considers a background check to be a consumer report. Because it is a consumer report, there are only certain background items that can be checked.

Also, employers must notify the potential employee in writing that a background check is being conducted. Once notification has been given, the employee must permit before the check can be conducted. If the employer bases his negative hiring decision on the background check, he or she must notify the potential employee through the means of what is known as a pre-adverse action disclosure letter. Also, the employer must supply a copy of the rights of a potential employee in the matter. When it comes to what is contained in such a background check, most all of them will at least verify the Social Security number of the potential employee. Many others will also look into the work history of the potential employee. Employers may sometimes interview people who knew or know the potential employee and they may also check the person's credit history, as well as any criminal history.

Nowadays employers in ever greater numbers are extremely cautious about the people they are considering hiring. A thorough employee background check is one tool employers use to screen potential employees before making a hiring decision. Knowing something about such background checks and why they may be conducted can be useful to a potential employee who may have to undergo one. You can contact us to run an employee background check for your company.



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