Basic Rules for Picking Kitchen Wall Tiles

Tiles in different shapes, sizes and designs have been constantly winning our hearts. Starting from the low-cost ones to the grandly costly tiles, there is something for everyone. The best tiles company puts in their heart, soul and efforts into making the most amazing and durable tiles. The tiles can be used in bedrooms, lounges, kitchens and bathrooms alike. Therefore, if you want to remodel your kitchen and do not know the basics of choosing the perfect tiles, then here is your guide for the same.

Fabulous 4’s to buy kitchen tiles-

When you visit the retail shop to buy kitchen tiles, make sure that the tiles must be all of the following. 

  1. Easy to clean

Cleaning and maintaining are the basic aspects of keeping a kitchen perfect to the T. So if you run short of time then go for the plain and simple tiles that do not demand regular cleaning. The tiles with intricate designs are often difficult to clean once the oil and moisture settle down on them. The best possible idea would be to put the easy-to-clean tiles where reaching out is a little cumbersome. Then for the areas where you can easily clean, you can put whatever style you want.

  1. Durable and sturdy

The foremost feature of the tiles should be their durability to bear the heat. The kitchen walls have to bear with a lot of heat, stuffiness, hot steams and moisture. Most of the time, despite installing a kitchen chimney, stubborn oil stains mixed with the vapour settles down on the tiles. Thus, the tiles are exposed to a lot of heat and inferior quality tiles always run the risk of cracking owing to it all. 

  1. Match the interior

The colour and design of the tiles must complement the kitchen décor. Having a modern kitchen with traditional-looking tiles or vice-versa will be a disappointment. While purchasing the tiles, do maintain parity among the colour of the kitchen closets, the paintings of the walls and the tiles. You may prevent a huge disaster from happening by sticking to something simple yet impactful.

  1. Select dark shades 

Kitchen is a place where occasional spills or small accidents may happen a lot, something that you just can’t avoid. The best tiles for the kitchen are the ones that are darker in shade. Although the mellow and soft colours are aesthetically more appealing but they catch stains super fast. That is why if you put the kitchen tiles of dark shades, you do not have to worry about them getting dirty too soon.


Picking and choosing the right tiles to suit your kitchen will be a game-changer. With a little budget, you can revel in the very look of your kitchen. Just be aware of the recent styles and deck up the kitchen with the latest tiles.


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Written by Somany Ceramics

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