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Summary: Explore the different ways to collect stamps. Learn about the most convenient ways to solemnize paperwork with different stamp collections.

 In the modern postal day service, Date and Number Stamps provide you with a medium for physical delivery. Date stamps are very important when it comes to marking important dates in certain documents, files and objects. They are an extension of rubber stamps with the application of ink molded in the shape of numbers. With a large variety of designs, patterns, sizes and styles, date stamps come in a variety. With date stamps, companies and organizations never run out of the need to print dates.

Stamp collection activity has been in trend for a few past years. The collection can become more valuable with people discover the value of their own collection. Time and Date Stamps is one of the professional stamp collector firms that have been actively involved in the prominent stamp collection community for years. Are you someone who is interested in a stamp collection evaluation? Make sure to have a look at the following points that guide you through the same.

Top Essential Tools You Need As a Professional Stamp Collector

  1. An album:

If you are a dedicated date stamp collector, make sure to have a proper storage medium for your stamps. Storing them in a show box or cardboard always has the chance for them to get ruined. Your stamp collection deserves to be in a better place, and nothing better than stamp albums. The albums have compartments divided from the basics of the earliest to the latest dates that can help you sort your stamps easily. While choosing an album, always make sure to go ahead with a printed one. Some of the album forms also include binders and leaf stock sheets. They are pretty simple and inexpensive that let you store your stamps safely. Apart from this, you can always shuffle your album around while your stamp collections grow abundantly.

  1. Transparent Glass lines:

If you are someone dealing with a lot of unidentified and unsorted stamps, then it’s high time you go forward with a transparent glass line. With this format, you can easily classify as well as format your collection.

  1. Perforation Gauge:

Finding stamps with identical designs is very common nowadays. With different perforations, stamps come in the same colors and designs. Using perforation gauges for your stamps, you can easily identify and store the stamps. Stamps are usually known to store with imperfection, given their varieties and collections. The first perforated stamp was known to first appear in 1854 in Great Britain.

  1. Catalogs:

Date and Number Stamps provides you with some of the best catalog designs for your stamp collection. They are an essential guide with an illustrated listing for the postal administrators that provide postage stamps. By using catalogs, you can easily identify and store your stamps chronologically. With a regular touch from the global market, they also demonstrate the required updates. Every country has its own customized stamp catalogs.

  1. Tongs:

Tongs help to manipulate and change the order of your stamps. This protects your stamps from any further damage with your own fingers. It is important to store and enhance the stamps as the market value directly depends upon the quality of the stamp.

  1. Hinges:

Affixing the stamps permanently to the album pages, scotch tape and glue can affect its quality if not maintained properly. Snap hinges over here can safely affix used post stamps to the album pages. They are rectangular pieces of paper that are small, transparent and easily foldable and can help to enhance and protect the quality of your stamps.

  1. Magnifying glass:

Magnifying glasses are very handy when it comes to checking the durability, errors, varieties and freaks and oddities of the stamps. If you are someone looking forward to deciphering the cancellation on used stamps, then make sure to contact Time and Date Stamps. They provide a variety of tools when it comes to stamp collection and storage. They also provide updated information on the current stamp market value.

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