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If you are the one whose gallery is always overloaded with photos and videos, then the Google Photos app is for you. Uploading your pictures on the Google Photos app will not only help you free up space from your phone but also organize those beautiful photos. This is an AI-centric platform, which is super easy to use and free of cost. The app is available on Android, iOS, plus for web access.

Download The App

You can easily and quickly install the Google Photos App app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once that is done, use your Google account to log in. After which a prompt will ask you to set the upload quality for the images. The “High Quality” is the most preferred option, as it uploads your images at 16 MP and videos at 1080p without compromising your Google storage. After this, you can start uploading the photos or/and videos. This might take a while, depending on the number of media you are uploading.

Upload Your Memories

You must not forget to backup your photos and videos on this app. It’s a straightforward process for both Android and iOS. On Android, open the app, tap on the triple-dot menu, and choose Settings followed by “Backup & Sync.” Turn on the toggle switch for “Backup & Sync” to ensure all the new photos and videos are backed up automatically every time you open the Google Photos app.

Similarly, for iOS, start by opening the app, then tap on the hamburger menu, followed by Settings. Now turn on the slider for “Backup & Sync.” Your photos and video will now be backed up automatically. 

View Your Content

Once you have uploaded everything onto Google Photos, you can easily view your gallery. All you need to do is open the app, and you will find your newest photos on top. Also, you can view your photos on a larger screen by navigating to https://photos.google.com on your desktop.


The best thing about Google Photos app is that it organizes your photos so that no one and nothing else can. If you tap on the “albums” icon towards the left of the app screen, a new screen will come up. It will have all your uploads organized by Things, Animations, Collages, Videos, Places, and People. It’s the perfect example of how great Google’s AI technology is, automatically classifying photos into different categories. If you want to find all the photos of a particular person, the process is quite fun. To do so, you can use Google’s facial-recognition technology, as it sorts the photos of friends and family by recognizing their faces. Things get more interesting when Google’s image-search technology recognizes the subject in each photo.

You can also find the images of bills and receipts by just typing “document” in the search bar. Google will bring up all the uploaded images that look like a document, sheet, file, table, and other relevant objects.


The Assistant icon in Google Photos looks like a star in the box. It will help you create animations, albums, prints, collages, or movies using the uploaded photos in your app. You will find Google’s AI technology creating such stuff on its own. And if you want to create your own, choose and tap on what you want to create out of your photos from animations, albums, prints, collages, or movies, and follow the prompts. The sky’s the limit for the number of collages or albums you want to make.

Print Store

Google Photos has a print store menu, which offers photo books starting from $9.99 and prints at the charge of $0.25. 

The Google Photos app provides not only various useful options but also easy functionality, making it the top photo storage site. Everything from syncing to hunting old photos is made easier than ever. Go try out the fun features in this amazing app, if you haven’t already.

Source : https://the-grabber.com/basics-of-google-photos-app/


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