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A bathroom remodeling project can be fun and interesting. Many homeowners are planning to remodel their bathrooms soon. So, before you all can begin, we wish to share some remodeling mistakes you should avoid. If you are about to begin your Bathroom remodeling in NY, these tips can help you out.  

Common Bathroom Remodeling Errors 

No Room for Storage

Storage space in the bathroom is essential. You cannot have all your various creams, lotions, and ointments laid out in plain view of everyone. Apart from these, you might need space to put in new towels or towels for guests. So, always make sure that you add cabinets in your bathroom as they will come in handy in the long run.  

Improper Lighting

Many bathrooms are situated in areas that do not get any natural light. The layout of the bathrooms is also small. This makes proper lighting all the more important. Many people make the mistake of putting dull lights in the bathroom. This is a big no-no. You must have sufficient lighting in the bathroom for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. 

Wrong Tile Choice

Tiles are the most popular material used in bathrooms. However, there is so much variety when it comes to tiles. You must be sure that you are not picking the wrong type of tile for your bathroom. When designing a wet area, picking the right material for the walls and flooring can be crucial. You cannot afford to put a slippery tile on the floor where there is a risk of slipping.  

So, during your next bathroom remodeling, make sure you pick the appropriate tiles for the job.

Ignoring Ventilation

Your bathroom is the most moist place in your home. If you are into hot showers, there can be a lot of steam that builds up on the walls too. Improper ventilation can cause mold to build on the walls and ceiling of your bathroom. Just having a window installed may not be enough. You may need a ventilation system that can extract steam from your bathroom too. 

These days there are many ventilation systems available for bathrooms. You can speak with your contractor for suggestions. 

Moving Your Sink and Bathtub’s Location

Moving the sink or the bathtub in your bathroom to a different location is a major task. It will require you to move not just big heavy fixtures but also mess up your plumbing and electrical system. You already have your bathroom’s pipes fitted and laid out according to the current position of these fixtures. The same goes for the lighting and electrical outlets. 

So, if you move on, you will need to change all these things. That is why we suggest that if you are not ready for such a massive overhaul, let your sink, toilet, and bathtub remain where they are. 

Closing Thoughts

Remodeling your bathroom is very important to the interiors of your home. A beautiful bathroom adds to a home’s appeal. That is why, before you start your remodeling, search for “Best Bathroom Remodelers Near Me”. Hiring the best remodeling contractor will ensure that you get the best recommendations for your bathroom. 


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