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Prepare to look your best because wedding season is upon us once more! It's time to immerse yourself into the social bubble as the rainy season comes to an end and the pleasant feelings of fall take over. Millions of weddings take place between October and February; on some days, more than a hundred couples tie the knot in the same city! People look forward to these days because they provide a joyous respite from routine, bringing friends and family together, and providing scrumptious meals that people naturally like.

Extensive festivities retain a great amount of significance in a collectivistic nation like India where family, groups, and community play an essential role. Whether you're an eager baraati, a stylish bridesmaid, or just a friend from the couple's wider circle, you must adhere to the Indian wedding etiquette of stepping in with a spotless clothing. Women, in particular, sometimes spend hours getting dressed for events and days stocking their closets with the newest bridal lehengas, sarees, and fashionable designer shapes. In all honesty, as a woman, I would argue that these extra efforts are wholly justified—having a really attractive wardrobe is essential when you have hundreds of people observing you!

With so many pre- and post-wedding events, the need to appear your best might occasionally become too much to handle. Ganesh puja, haldi, mehendi, the ring ceremony, sehra-bandhi, the baraat, the pheras, the reception, and the pag-phera are just a few of the rituals and gatherings that take place around an Indian wedding. For each of these events, you need to look your best. The dilemma of “what to dress” might make you feel anxious because of the underlying worry that you won't look good enough; this can be a nightmare for those who enjoy receiving compliments on their sense of style.

To make things easier, we've compiled a thorough list of traditional and modern clothing for events surrounding this lovely event, so you may achieve the title of “Most Stylish Wedding Guest”!

  1. Sheer Pleasures:

It's a wise choice to dress in a sensuous sheer detailed clothing to blend in with the affluent party crowd. Think soft net, tulles, and sheers like tissue. The fact that sheer clothing often has a snappy glam factor while still maintaining modesty is a major plus for an Indian fashion queen.

A delicate pastel designer lehenga with sheers and light shimmer can be paired with sparkling diamond accessories for a midday wed-lock ceremony. For a dressed-up appearance at a cocktail reception or the ring ceremony, you can also use sheers in ornate shapes. A trendy floor-length Anarkali suit or a transparent detailed gown might be used for such occasions that are influenced by western culture.

  1. Atomic Spunk:

Sarees, lehengas, and salwar suits shouldn't be the only clothing options in your closet, especially if you don't prefer to blend in. Decide on an unconventional silhouette, such as a dhoti set, poncho suit, or a hot palazzo set with an embroidered bustier top and a long jacket layer, and go ahead and play with your clothing. Such vivacious attire is better suitable for less formal occasions like mehendi parties or pre-wedding celebrations. Women are now wearing these fusion silhouettes even to the main rite, though! Regardless of trends, pick a style that fits your personality and is comfortable for you.

  1. Striped and Bold:

The hottest trend that have entered the closets of fashion aficionados throughout the world is stripes, in all shades and sizes! Even in Indian weddings, ladies are seen wearing striped patterns over ethnic clothing, which is undoubtedly not a novel combination. For those spontaneous, unplanned gatherings or when you want to stand out while putting up the least amount of effort, a striking striped saree is useful.

Style Tip: Choose just 1-2 pieces of simple jewellery if you're wearing a striped saree with contrasting colours. Additionally, choose a shirt that is entirely plain to make your saree stand out.

  1. Perfectly Incomplete:

Indian weddings generally involve a lot of drama, including music, dancing, and showy decorations. If you want extremely “disciplined” clothes, stick to timeless pieces like an exquisite Banarasi silk saree. However, if you want to embrace the festive spirit of the event, embrace shapes with wavy edges, uneven gathers, or fairytale frills that bring back fond memories of bedtime stories.

A frilly lehenga choli in tones of dusky pink, golden, or wine can be worn with beautiful diamond jewellery for the engagement party, ring ceremony, or reception extravaganza. While you can stick to your core ethnic favourites for events including religious practises!

  1. Evergreen Plant Life:

Flowers are perhaps the safest decoration choice for a party since they are timeless. Investing in a few floral sarees and floral lehenga cholis is a smart option if you don't want to buy new clothing for every event. These outfits may be worn for up to ten years. For daytime events like the haldi, mehendi function, Ganesh puja, and the wed-lock ceremony, floral designs over a white or cream lehenga appear cheery. A flower patterned or appliqué work anarkali suit might be your go-to dress if you're attending the wedding of a distant cousin or a business friend and are not too keen on wearing something hefty.

Style advice: If your outfit includes bright and noticeable floral elements, use muted-toned accessories and go for a plain hairstyle.

  1. Floor-length Pleasures

Every woman desires to experience her own Cinderella moment at least once in her life. You are given the freedom to pursue this desire during a lavish evening event. For indoor parties hosted in the glow of chandeliers, such fantasy dresses seem lovely and wonderful. Your hair can be neatly styled or gently curled to complete your doll-like appearance.

Dresses with ethnic and fusion influences are really popular right now. For the finest of both Indian and western cultures, saree dresses, anarkali gowns, and draped floor-length styles are highly popular among Indians throughout the world.

  1. Discreet Tone:

You don't necessarily have to stand out at your wedding by wearing wild, fire colours; you may do it by playing it safe with colour schemes! In Indian culture, white has traditionally been associated with sorrow and is now one of the popular colours for joyful attire. The actress Sonam Kapoor's recent celebrity-studded wedding even featured a white clothing rule at one of the ceremonies. If you're still set on wearing white for a happy event, consider tinted versions in subdued, soft colours like light peach, pastel pink, soft mint green, cream, and taupe.

Daytime parties, resort weddings, as well as events with contemporary-themed decorations—all call for subdued tones. For the sehra-bandhi ceremony or a comparable rite done indoors in front of close family members, one may, for instance, dress in a peach and white silk palazzo suit.

8. Cozy Feelings

It's difficult to ignore the seductive attraction of layers! Investing in layered clothing for formal occasions, such as a poncho-blouse saree or a jacket-style suit, is a wise choice because you can subsequently mix and match the same item with various accessories to arrive at the next party with a completely different appearance!

When worn over a simple suit or lehenga choli set, long embroidered shrugs and capes appear comfortable and regal. Such clothing can be worn for any pre- or post-wedding event depending on the colours, fabric, and embroidery used.

Dressing up for a wedding can always be enjoyable, and by selecting the appropriate clothing and accessories and, more importantly, by feeling confident in your appearance, you can be sure that you'll stand out and be admired for being a modern guest!


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