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Improve your performance with the Cycling Strength Training Plan from Mindlegs. Our training plan is specifically designed to help you understand your uniqueness, build consistency, finish long rides or pursue any goal with greater strength and endurance. Here, we focus on overall development instead of just focusing on one or more aspects of your being. Thus, as you train to bring improvement in your cycling, you simultaneously improve your mind – your mental strength which can help you stay controlled, consistent, focused and determined. With Mindlegs, you will develop your mental strength and become your most efficient version. We are here to help you achieve mental toughness so that you can build endurance and achieve your personal best.    

Build confidence in your cycling skills

Confidence is one of the most important traits for mental strength. Having confidence is important to thrive in all areas of life. In our training plan, you will come across activities and situations that will help you overcome your fear, self-doubt and uncertainty that come in your way of becoming your most confident self. 

Customized approach to mastering your skills

No two individuals are the same. Every individual is gifted with different capabilities, skills, and strengths and so on. Through this cycling program, we give you a war map to polish your strengths into becoming your best self and work on your weaknesses that hinder your growth and transformation. 

Being consistent

By now you know the role of consistency in achieving any goal in life. And the same thing applies to cycling – your ability to stay consistent will result in improved performance and mental strength.  

Self-motivation and strength

Mental strength translates into both focus and determination. We provide you with the tools to plan and track your performance. Through this, you can keep track of your cycling achievements, accomplishments and progress which helps you motivate and train better every day. 

Rest days and active recovery

We believe in the principle of training smart rather than training hard. You do not have to train like others. Through creating self-awareness, we help you decide when it’s best to push your limits and when it’s time to take a break so that optimal results are achieved without making you feel burnout.  

Hence, with our Cycling Strength Training Plan, you can achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. You can also be a part of our Beginner Cycling Program if you are totally new to the world of cycling. 


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