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The world is filled with plenty of job opportunities. Hold that thought! During the pandemic, many people lost their high-paying jobs. Teachers and professors turned to online teaching, and corporate office owners faced huge financial losses. During this time, the digital world picked up some pace and online tutoring became a trending career. You can become an online tutorhave complete control over your earnings, and choose your work hours. 

Here’s a quick guide for aspiring tutors. If you want to join the online tutoring world, there are some things you need to know. Let’s get started! 

The Basic Prerequisites: 

Before starting your journey as an online tutor, there are some things you need to possess. 

These include:

  1. A laptop/PC (the brand does not matter, but it should not lag) 
  2. Strong internet connection (poor internet connection is not recommended) 
  3. A space where you can teach (as long as the space is noise-free, you are ready for your class) 
  4. A video tool such as Skype (install it on your PC/laptop) 

These are just the prerequisites. What about the skills? 

Jump to the  next section to find out the skills that are required for starting your online tutoring journey. 

Do you need to have teaching skills or a college degree? 

There are some platforms that ask for a college degree or some relevant skills to get started. In case you do not have a college degree or any teaching experience, you can choose platforms like Evopry. There are many English language tutors who have joined this platform, and they are charging a student-friendly hourly price. 

Perhaps this is your chance to shine as an English language tutor online. You can join this platform without a college degree or teaching experience. 

There are some other platforms which you can join without experience or a degree, but you must have in-depth knowledge about the subject. In case you want to be an English teacher, your written and verbal skills should be immaculate. 

How to join an online tutoring platform? 

You have to create a tutor profile. In this profile, you would need to list your qualification, skills, and attach any degree/certification you possess. 

Give a brief introduction of yourself in the profile section. A few lines about you would be praise-worthy. Many platforms allow students to get a free demo class. Based on this demo class, the student can hire a teacher and pay on an hourly basis. 

You can charge $3 an hour or even $50 an hour. The price depends on your abilities, skills, and popularity on a tutoring platform. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Online tutoring can be a lucrative career option. If you are tired of doing a 9-to-5 job and want greater flexibility, teaching languages online or becoming a subject tutor can be a great decision. 

Feel free to join an online language tutoring platform and brush up your skills before you give a demo class. 

There is a lot of scope to earn big bucks, but you have to ensure that your profile is appealing.


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