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The Bedlington is a wonderful companion and watchdog since it is attentive, active, and clever. He loves to amuse his folks and loves to be the focus of everyone's attention. When around other canines of the same gender, he can be violent, and he also likes to pursue little fuzzy animals.

Numerous elements, including training, socialization, and heredity, have an impact on temperament. Puppies with good dispositions are interested and playful, approachable, and want to be cuddled. Select a puppy that is in the midst of the pack rather than one that is bullying its littermates or cowering in a corner. 

Definitely talk to at least one paw parent to make sure they are pleasant and comfortable around you. Usually, the mom is the person who is available. It's also beneficial to meet the parents' other family members to get a sense of what the pup will resemble as an adult.

Bedlington terriers, like all dogs, require early socialization or being exposed to a wide variety of people, views, noises, and activities, when they are young. Being socialized as a puppy ensures that your pup develops into a well-rounded adult dog. He should start by joining a kindergarten class for puppies. Regularly hosting guests, bringing him to crowded parks, and dog-friendly shops, and on relaxed walks to encounter residents will all encourage him to hone his social skills.

Your pet will benefit from regular health and wellness checks at your veterinary clinic Leesburg, VA.


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