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Beginner’s Guide to Video Interview Software

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What is video interview?

A virtual interview refers to a remote process to shortlist candidates based on their performance over the phone, video conferencing apps, or video interview software. These interviews mainly follow the style of a face-to-face interview where the hiring manager and candidates meet on a digital platform to connect and communicate about their needs.


What is Video Interview Software?

Video Interview Software is a software utilized by selection representatives to interview potential competitors distantly from anyplace on the planet.

Employers use video interview software to evaluate candidates virtually; either because they’re in different locations or because hiring teams want to screen applicants before meeting them in person.

 Video Interview Software?

  • Connect with top talent from all over the world:You don’t have to limit yourself to local candidates.
  • Reduce hiring costs and time to hire:You will save money and time when you schedule onsite interviews only with the candidates who’ve successfully passed the video interview round.
  • Evaluate communication and language skills:For roles where these skills are essential, it’s useful to see how candidates communicate and how fluent they’re in a certain language, instead of just relying on their resume.

10 Virtual Interview Tips that can help Candidates to Crack It!

And how can candidates crack these interviews? Well, interviews are usually stressful procedures for candidates and after reading the above, candidates may get the feeling that they might not succeed. Well, that’s not true. 

Hence, we have created a list of the top virtual interview tips and tricks such that you can master the art of interview cracking. But do you know what? Your smile and confidence can even melt the strictest of recruiters' hearts. So do that and follow the given virtual interview tips to rock your next interview!

  1. Set up your interview space 

You enjoy the luxury of a virtual interview at your home, wearing formal clothes on the top and PJs at the bottom (just kidding). Yet it’s extremely important to ensure that you provide a clear view of yourself to the other person sitting across the screen. So the first among the best interview tips include creating a good set-up for your virtual onsite interview. To do that you would need: 

  1. A clear and uncluttered background to hook recruiters’ attention on you 
  2. Ensure a cool tone light shine upon you 

Et voila! Now you have a clear set-up for your virtual job interview. Now let’s move on to the next tip in the list of tips for interviews!


  1. Test the technology beforehand

And suddenly you’re inaudible, thanks to technological glitches. That can create a really bad impression. 

So the next in the list of best interview tips include ensuring your equipment’s complete functionality before you start with your virtual job interview. Some of the things that you can check includes: 

  1. Stability of your internet connect 
  2. Images produced by your webcam 
  3. The audio quality produced by your microphone 

If your equipment provides you with insatiable connection, grainy or blurry images, and muffled audio, then it’s time for a replacement. However, if the quality is top-notch. Then you are good to go! 


  1. Eliminate distractions

Well, you won’t possibly have distractions if you walk into a room filled with top recruiters. But virtual onsite interviews differ in that case. We come across many noises and interruptions whenever we work from home. And you cannot eliminate every distraction that comes your way. So third in the line of the best virtual interview tips includes finding a quiet spot to get over with your virtual job interview. 

But let’s say you have construction work going on near you. In that case, you can clearly state the problem to your recruiter and apologize for the inconvenience. This will create a proactive impression on your recruiter and you may even crack your virtual job interview in the end!


  1. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse 

So what if it’s a virtual job interview? You still need to appear in front of your recruiters. So the fourth in the line of interview tips and tricks is to prepare yourself as if you would sit for a physical interview. 

  1. Ensure a not-too-fast-or-slow pace while you talk (Keep in a range of 115 words per minute)
  2. Portray enthusiasm or sorrow using proper hands gestures (89% of applicants cracked their virtual job interviews in that way)
  3. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer (in this case your webcam) to build trust 
  4. Prepare notes to remember points but do not memorize them since you want to converse with your recruiters and not provide a monologue 

And you’re good! Rehearse the above-interviewing tips till you get the flow such that you can nail your next virtual job interview. 



  1. Professional body language for the drill 

While a firm handshake with a broad smile would have portrayed positivity in a physical interview, the virtual job interview scenario differs in this case. Hence, the fifth in the line of virtual interview tips include enhancing your body language in a professional manner. In this case, you need to sit straight, maintain eye contact with your recruiter (webcam) and smile confidently. And that’s it!


  1. Punctuality is the key

In both physical and virtual onsite interviews, you need to maintain punctuality. Hence, try to enter the video interview platform beforehand. Moreover, close unnecessary tabs or windows on your computer. Furthermore, if you have a presentation, you can keep it in a separate tab for hassle-free screening. Lastly, test your audio and video quality before finally showing up for the interview. 


  1. Dress like a professional

Our eighth in the line of tips for interviews include wearing professional attire. Wearing a complete professional attire makes you feel proactive, prepared, and confident.  


  1. Listen before you speak and let the conversation flow 

Interrupting the other person, when he or she isn’t done, is portrayed as rude. So, you try to pause once your recruiter ends his or her sentence before you resume the conversation. This will enhance your identity and manners too. 

Moreover, you must make sure that the conversation maintains a flow from both sides. It should not be that you are the only person who goes on talking. Hence, try to: 

  1. Show your interest 
  2. Find common grounds to talk upon 
  3. Ask questions 

But before you wrap up the session, make sure to end each question with a touch of your personality. 


  1. Follow-up 

The last in the line of interviewing tips includes following up. Amongst all the tips for interviews, the most important part of a virtual onsite interview includes treating it as a conversation. 

Hence, send an email within 24 hours after the interview to the recruiters with whom you have conversed and thank them for providing you the opportunity. This will portray to the recruiters that you value their time. You can also state down some points you have missed, wrapping it up with your enthusiasm to work for the company. But behold! Don’t make it a lengthy one. Keep your follow-up letter short and to the point. 

Hope we have provided you with all the virtual onsite interview basics that can help you to master your next virtual job interview. If we have missed out on any point, feel free to comment down below such that we can learn from it too. 




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