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“Oh, my dear grandson, give your grandmother a hug to see if you are heavy.” A pair of little hands naturally encircled the old lady's neck and pressed their little faces against hers intimately, waiting for the old lady to give him a sweet smell. This was the usual action of being close to Third Daughter-in-law. The old lady naturally did not understand, and Dudu did not mind. She took the initiative to give him a sweet smell, which made the old lady elated. The old and the young also gave him a fragrant smell. They performed affectionately at the gate of the garden. Dudu, where is your mother? Doodle replied with two words, “Jue Jue.” “Sister-in-law is not feeling well. Please ask me to take a walk with Dudu for her.” “Well, will Grandma play with Dudu?” Du Du raised his little hand and said happily, “Good.” A group of people went to an attic on the second floor. The old lady was holding Dudu all the time and refused to let go. They waited on her carefully. “Old lady, how about sitting in the attic?” Asked an old maid. The old lady had some Qi deficiency and nodded her head. Dudu twisted his body to come down. The old lady put him down. Dudu ran two steps to the stairs and stopped. He turned around and took the old lady's hand to go upstairs together. Holding his hand, the old lady said happily to the people around her, “Look at this child, he is really clingy.” Sitting in the attic, a woman filled snacks, the old lady fed Dudu a piece of sponge cake. The second young master, who was held by the old woman, was a little unhappy and babbled. Dudu looked at him curiously. He did not know what to think in his little head. He climbed up the grandmother's leg, picked up a small piece of sponge cake in the plate and put it into his brother's mouth. “Eat.” The people in the attic looked at him in amazement. The old lady hugged him tightly and kissed him on the face. “My grandson is so good that he knows how to love his brother.” Dudu did not feel anything, in Tangyuan this is once staged drama,Pallet rack beams, he has always been a generous child. Begonia leaned against the window to bask in the winter sun, but suddenly sneezed twice. When she was cursing who was scolding her, Orange went back to the garden alone. “Orange, where are they?” Tangerine looked pleased. “Huei-fang and the young master are in the old lady's garden.” Begonia jumped up in fright. “What?” “When I was wandering in the house, I met the old lady. The old lady wanted to keep the young master for dinner. She asked me to ask the young lady if she was in good health. If she was better, she would go to the garden to have dinner together.” Begonia heart secretly scold should die, has not let the son be the attention of the people in the house, now afraid is not quiet. As soon as I entered the Yu Garden,Drive in racking system, I heard constant laughter in the side hall. I saw the old lady, the master, and the big lady sitting around on the couch. Wen Jie was sitting aside. Her son was sitting in the old lady's arms, concentrating on playing with the jade pendant tied around the old lady's waist. When he heard the adults laughing, he raised his head and laughed. Begonia shook his head and smiled bitterly. This smelly boy also learned to flatter. Begonia has seen the old lady, the master and the lady. The old lady smiled kindly. “Dudu's mother is coming. Sit down.” I can't even use my name, and I'm directly in the light of my son. Doodle saw Niang came, vaguely learned the sound, “Niang, sit down.” Continue to play with his toys, let Begonia heart a chill, this boy on the big boss, do not want Niang. Begonia, I haven't seen you for a long time. You've grown up so big. It's really hard for you. Her ladyship looked at her kindly. Begonia in the heart, heavy duty warehouse rack ,heavy duty racking system, but with a modest smile on his face, “Madam is really hard, we are a big family, how many things ah, you have to personally worry about.” The old lady looked at them with displeasure. “Look at how strange you two are. How nice it is to shout like a mother-in-law.” “What the old lady said is that Begonia doesn't know the rules.”. Mother-in-law has to be taught by you. Not exactly. The old lady waved her hand and said, “Well, well, the family is usually close to each other. Today I will be the host and invite you to have a meal.”. Doodle, what do you say? The son also imitated the old lady to wave, “good.” The old lady laughed and kissed Dudu on the cheek again. Tingsong, look at Dudu's cleverness. It's exactly the same as when you were a child. “Mother, the child has grown up. He can't always be called by his nickname. He should be called Hongyu.” The master looked at Begonia with a disappointed expression. I think this doodle is very good, and it is more fluent than that Hongyu. “Dare the ancients do not have a nickname, toot toot as if to understand the meaning, also echoed the call,” toot toot. ” The old lady was so coaxed that her eyebrows and eyes were crowded together. Half a day did not have a meal, toot toot some hungry, patted his small bag, the old lady looked curiously, opened the bag and took out the paper bag inside, the original is a few cakes, “hungry?”? Come on, Grandma, feed you. Dudu ate a piece, then picked up a piece and stuffed it into the old lady's mouth. He turned around and picked up another piece and climbed to the side of the lady to stuff it into her mouth. The lady opened her mouth unnaturally, “Thank you, Dudu.” Dudu shook his head. “No, thank you.” It made the lady's eyes a little moist. Look at you, this is the joy of playing with grandchildren. On weekdays, you are tired of the big and small things in this house, and you can't enjoy a happy life, alas! It's all my fault. It's really hard for you. “Don't say that, mother-in-law. It's my job to share your worries with the master. There's nothing bitter about it.” Dudu had picked up a cake again, stepped over the old lady, and came trembling to Grandpa's side. Maybe he had no experience of getting along with men. The son hesitated, paused, blinked his eyes and observed for a long time. Everyone was silent and wanted to see what he was going to do. The master smiled kindly at him. With this encouragement, Doodle raised his hand to put the Bean Paste Cake into his mouth without any hesitation, and his body took the opportunity to lean on him, and Fang Tingsong hugged him tightly. At dinner, Fang Chuting came, and somehow, Dudu was particularly enthusiastic about him. Maybe it was the nature of father and son. He refused to sit on a stool and insisted on sitting on his father's lap to eat. The dishes are very rich, but Begonia did not eat anything, the cook here does not know what to eat, the dishes served must be processed before eating,radio shuttle racking, but Dudu likes to eat fish, busy helping him pick thorns, simply do not care about themselves. omracking.com



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