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Each year, the big manufacturers in the golf industry release scores of new products, including, of course, newly designed (and sometimes redesigned) club heads and golf shafts.

Each year, they promise big things: tighter shot dispersion, lower launch and spin rates, greater clubhead speed for higher ball speeds, and greater distance.

Sometimes, they do it right. The popularity of Fujikura Ventus shafts should speak to that. This is what they offer.

Made from Premium Materials
The bones of the Fujikura Ventus come from good stock, regardless of which model you choose. All of them are made from ultra-high modulus carbon fiber, an artful combination of very strong pitch 10 ton and 40 ton CF.

The cores of these shafts feature Fujkura’s proprietary VeloCore technology which maximizes fiber content, resulting in a multi-material bias core that improves stability not only at transition but also at the point of impact.

This results in higher clubhead MOI for greater forgiveness – but it gets better. Stronger, stiffer, full-length carbon fibers enable a stronger, stiffer shaft, higher clubhead speed, and excellent “smash factor.”

These shafts are optimized to result in less torsion and twist as well, for greater control over shot dispersion. Pair that with stiff, stable shafts that deliver greater energy transfer and forgiveness and you have the Fujikura Ventus line – shafts that are engineered to deliver greater ball speed, accuracy, and range.

Available in Three Launch Profiles
The Fujikura Ventus is available in three options – blue, black, and red, corresponding to different launch profiles.

The Fujikura Ventus Red features a stiff tip, firm midsection, and ultra-stiff handle section, resulting in a high-mid launch profile. This configuration allows for excellent sensitivity, and greater range for players with slightly slower swing speeds, while still keeping control of shot dispersion.

The Ventus Blue features an ultra-stiff tip, a stiff midsection, and a firm handle section, delivering a mid-launch profile. Like the red, it offers excellent stability and superior feedback through the handle section, as well as a smoother feeling through the transition.

The Fujikura Ventus Black is the stiffest of the three, with an ultra-stiff handle and tip sections paired to a stiff midsection, delivering the lowest launch profile of all. Ideal for players with faster swing speeds, the Ventus Black is available in stiff, extra stiff, and tour-spec extra stiffness ratings and delivers a smooth, fluid swing experience, stability through transition and impact, and the best “smash factor” of all.

Designed to Maximize Ball Speed and Control Shot Dispersion
All of the Fujikura Ventus shafts, even a Ventus Red 5 with a regular stiffness rating, are exceptionally smooth and stable. Their extremely strong carbon fiber makeup and superior craftsmanship deliver excellent handling and forgiveness paired with a smooth, fluid feel.

These shafts enable higher clubhead speeds and energy transfer paired with stability for remarkable results, and players have taken notice. Player testimonials offer a lot of praise, but a common observation is that the Ventus, particularly the Ventus Black, enables players to swing harder and faster without loss of control or stability.

Where Can You Find Fujikura Ventus Shafts?
Interested in a more forgiving, more capable set of shafts for your favorite clubs? Consider swapping one out for a Fujikura Ventus graphite shaft design that’s engineered to deliver.

You can find a wide selection of golf shafts for sale online at Dallas Golf Company (DallasGolf.com). They carry a wide range of golf shafts for drivers and irons, all at great prices.

Visit their website today or contact their customer service department at 800-955-9550 for more information, or, if you’re in their area in Dallas, Texas, visit them in their store.

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