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In today’s world, people do not have time and want all information very fast. Most businesses want to give the best mobile app experience to their users. However, many mobile app development frameworks are available in the market to; react native development is one of them. React native is one of the best mobile app development frameworks that developers use to save time and build their apps more quickly.

React native is most famous and popular with mobile app developers and also highly used by some of the top brands like Skype, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Are you wondering which app to build and which technology to choose from? However, a mobile app development framework that is user-friendly, economical, and compatible with iOS and Android platforms varies from business to business. It's good to hire a react native developers expert team to develop react native mobile apps from scratch or add the framework to your existing application. 

However, before you decide to go all in with React Native app development, it’s crucial that you understand what React Native is and its benefits and then decide if it’s the best fit for your project. 

In this blog we will discuss many things related to React Native app development, its benefits, and why you should choose it for your business's  mobile app development project.


What is React Native Development?


React Native is one type of a framework that allows web developers to create a mobile application using their existing knowledge in JavaScript. However, react native offers to create a mobile application for Android and iOS without sacrificing the end user’s experience or application quality. 


React native development is used to power some of the world’s top mobile apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and Skype. React native app developers can use these codes across the web and on mobile devices This code can be used to build the same app for iOS and Android. Now it’s time to discuss what are the benefits of React Native development. 


7 Top Benefits of React Native App Development: – We’ve discussed the meaning of React native development, so now let’s move onto the benefits of React Native app development and why you should choose it. Let’s have a deep dive. 

  1. Code Reusability: – The first benefit of react native app development is code reusability. React native developers do not have to develop a separate mobile app for each platform like Android and iPhone. However, 90% of the code can be used between the two platforms that are highly helpful in increasing the development speed and efficiency. As a result, anyone can have faster time-to-market and need lesser maintenance efforts. 
  2. Performance: – React native app performs almost the same as native app that builds on the specific iOS and Android platform. They are also very fast if the mobile device programming language is optimized. Rather than primarily using the central processing unit, react native app takes the best advantage of the graphics unit (GPU). However, this makes them much faster than cross-platform hybrid technologies. 
  3. Community Driven: – However, React Native is an open-source framework that enables react developers to access all relevant documentation. One of the biggest reasons to choose React Native is the availability of developers to direct beginners through a gathering conversation. However, they can even review the code or ongoing React projects for beginners to give their product feedback. In general, it gives a truly remarkable and cooperative experience for the community's local area. 
  4. Cost efficiency: – The first benefit we have discussed is that the code is reusable in react native. It helps you save development costs up to 40%. It is also not necessary that you have to hire two different Android and iOS teams to create react native mobile apps. Additionally, it also has many pre-built components in React Native that further fasten the all-development process. 
  5. Very flexible framework: – The kind of connection point utilized in React Native makes it simple for various engineers in a group to jump into the late relevant point of interest and construct. This increases team flexibility and makes it easier to refresh and update the versatile application.  However, it also creates flexible testers who are able to create testing scenarios much easier. These benefits additionally contribute toward saving time and money. 
  6. Simple UI:- React native app developers highly use react JavaScript to build the app’s interface which makes it more responsive and quicker with reduced load time resulting in an overall better user interface. React UI and its component-based approach is the perfect framework for building apps with both simple and complex designs.
  7. Save Time and Money :- More of the code is cross-platform that means it is compatible with Android and iOS. However, developer required to develop only one app and at end two apps is created. This saves time and money in development of the app and no need of any separate apps. Companies no need to select which version to build and launch first due to the cost of building 2 separate apps.



React Native App Development Expertise of Kanhasoft


Did you know Kanhasoft is very much an expert in React native app development? As Kanhasoft React native developers highly use various syntax, components and themes for app development. Let's have a look at what Kanhasoft provide: –

  1. Es6 Syntax: – Es6 gives effective code optimization and usability. Datatype permits numbers, strings, various symbols, etc. 
  2. Material UI Themes: – The UI framework reacting to material theming can be highly used to generate global and default styles for projects. Material UI Themes can be used to build reusable UI pages. 
  3. Typescript and JavaScript: – Typescript is built to interoperate seamlessly with JavaScript and its long use includes JavaScript itself. However, our react native developers carry expertise in compiling typescript to JavaScript for writing code in the react native app development process. 
  4. React Component Architecture: – This is the central structure like button, label, and

text input label. Our react native developers build a large-scale application through react.js architecture. 


How much does it cost to develop React Native App Development?


The first thing no one can say is the exact cost for react native app development. However, if you are in a start-up or an established entrepreneur running a business you should create a react native app development which is cost-effective and easy to deploy. 


The cost of developing a react native app depends upon various factors. The cost highly depends upon the client's requirement and also depends upon the complexity of a project or the app requirement. However, anyone can hire react native app development on a  monthly, hourly or weekly basis according to project requirements. So, it also affects the react native app development cost.


Some factors that affect React native app development cost.

  1. The App's complexity and Features : – Basically the higher number of features in your app and has more complexity in it that complexity also increase the react native app development cost. However, this is the highest factor in the app development therefore it cannot be predicated by anyone.
  1. The location you select :- Any users having knowledge of tech ecosystem have understood that react native development cost changes by locations also. Geographical location of the agency or freelancers also important factor for cost.
  1. App design: – To calculate the react native cost of app development one should recognize the plan cost as well. Design is also an important factors that also increase costs.
  2. Developer Team size: – The cost of React native app development also depends upon the expert developer team you hire. 
  3. Testing App: – To ensure the quality of the application, you need to test the native app of bugs at every stage of development. However, this requires QA engineers to test the app which also affects the cost. 
  4. Third-party integration: – By adding some additional features like multiple payment integration, GPS integration, and social login will increase your application cost. 


Why hire a React Native developer from Kanhasoft?


Hiring our best front-end react native expert will assure you that your app will be in skilled and experienced hands who know every step in an easy manner. To create an impressive fully functional mobile app for your business all you need is a creative React Native developer for hire who can apply their creativity and optimization skills to build high-quality interactive react native app development. 


Hire react native app developers from Kanhasoft to avail all essential add-one as follows. 

  • Certified team of react native developers
  • On-time delivery
  • Secured infrastructure with source code 
  • Best communication skills 
  • Flexible hiring models 

Wrapping up: – In conclusion, it can be said that react native has become favorite of the mobile app development industry. You can have quick look


Looking to hire react native developers or want to expand your existing team of full-stack react native experts to build a multi-platform user interface for both Android and iOS. Hire react native expert having good experience in delivering cost-effective mobile app solutions. Kanhasoft is committed to provide experienced, top react native developers for your dream projects and all necessary. If you plan to develop a cross-platform mobile apps see React native app rather than others. 


FAQ: –

  1. How much does it charges to develop an React native app?

The cost to develop a react native app development highly depends upon various factors like location, hire developer team, design etc. But it can be said that it charges less as compared to others.

  1. Can React Native be used for Web and Mobile?


Developers can consolidate a React Native App into a single base using React Native web eliminating the need to create and oversee two codebases for versatile and web without sacrificing app performance. Their app will look and work similarly as they do on mobile devices.



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