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Let’s face it: we’re in a very rushed and stressed world these days. If you feel a lot of the time that you’re constantly “swept off your feet”, trying to “firefight” immediate on-the-job problems instead of building your knowledge and skills for a more distant future, you will be far from alone.

So, what can you do about that? After all, we all have finite amounts of time and energy, and certain things in our day-to-day roles – whatever sector we may be in – simply need to get done.

At this point, allow us to suggest a possible remedy: bite-size learning. You probably know what we mean by that term already: it refers to a mode of learning whereby complicated or lengthy topics are broken down into smaller, more digestible chunks. And crucially, such “chunks” also typically take less precious time away from workers’ busy schedules.

If you’re struggling within your organisation to carve out substantial amounts of time in which your employees can develop themselves to the benefit of the company, a switch in focus to bite-size learning could be an extremely good idea.

But exactly what advantages could your firm and team members reap from bite-size training?

It helps our brains to better process and retain information

If you’ve ever had a colleague or even your boss deliver a barrage of information in your ear, and you seem to have forgotten what they said to you 10 minutes later, it might be wise to practise some self-forgiveness.

After all, research has indicated that humans are limited in their attention spans and memory capacity, and that we are quite susceptible to forgetting a lot of learning material within a short space of time after consuming it.

What does this mean for bite-size learning? Well, it means it could be a great path to take for the training of your organisation’s staff. In an age that is already characterised by “sensory overload” for many of us, it doesn’t make sense for employers to deliver training programmes to their staff if those employees will struggle to fully absorb everything they learn.

A bite-size training philosophy can help ensure you aren’t overtaxing your employees’ brains.

The lessons from bite-size learning can be applied super quickly

Consider, for a moment, how frequently you glance down at your phone over the course of an average day, or fire up an additional browser tab to look up some crucial information.

The chances are that you will be doing it quite a lot – and so will your workers. So, to a certain extent, you are probably already learning in a bite-sized way, seeking out details and guidance on certain tasks or processes that are vital if you are to do your job well.

Using a Learning Management System like myAko for the delivery and management of such learning, could enable you to put bite-size training within your organisation on a more planned and formal footing.

‍It really can be used across many different organisations and industries

Of course, the exact ways in which workers “do” bite-size learning, and the exact benefits they gain from it of relevance to their work, will likely vary from one sector to the next.

It is fascinating, though, to see that a bite-size learning approach really can be applied across all manner of industries, from health and social care to education and technology.

Many sectors are high-pressure and fast-paced, while also necessitating that workers keep up to date with the latest relevant industry developments and trends. Other industries, meanwhile, might not necessarily be among the most pressured, but they may be subject to certain sensitive complexities and regulations that professionals need to keep on top of.

Bite-size learning, then, can come into its own across all manner of business and work settings. And through our own highly regarded courses here at myAko, we’re proud to be demonstrating how that is the case!

You can even complete a module in the time it takes to drink a cuppa. Would you like to find out more about the potential advantages of bite-size learning, the myAko way?

If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today, or to book a demo of our LMS.



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