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No matter how big your property is, home extensions may be a needed at any time. As property prices in Australia are rising and the cost of moving to a new house is also huge, most homeowners prefer to add a new room or structure to the existing property. The topmost advantage of staying in the same place and adding extra structures during home extensions is that you can stay in the same place and do not have to adjust to a new locality.

Why are home extensions needed?

Homeowners may opt for home extensions for different reasons. This article gives the ultimate reasons for adding new structures to the existing space.

Create space for recreation and leisure

Many homeowners want to add a new structure so that they can use this extension for different recreational activities. This extra room or space can be used as a music studio, library, or outdoor kitchen. You can enjoy yourself with your friends or have me-time in these extensions.

Need kid’s room

When kids grow up, they want a separate space for themselves. Many homeowners cannot provide extra room for their kids due to lack of adequate space. It may not be possible for them to leave their existing house and move to a bigger residence for financial restrictions. So, home extensions are the only solution. A professional home renovation company can assess the need of the homeowner and suggest how the extension can be done efficiently and within budget.

Cannot afford a new house

Moving to a spacious house is not a feasible solution for all homeowners. Moving cost in Australia is huge. If extra space is needed for a kid’s study, guest room, keeping books, or storing miscellaneous components, adding a new structure to the existing house is much cheaper than buying a new house.


Home extensions are hassle-free solutions for creating space in any house. The new structure can be built while the residents are still residing there. There is no requirement for the resident to move temporarily to another place or keep their furniture and other belongings into storehouse while the new structure is getting built.

Adding value

If you plan your home extension carefully, it can add value to your property. For example, a house with an extra garage space, pergola, or outdoor kitchen, will attract more buyers. So, when you sell your house, it will fetch you more money than a house without any extended structure.

The cost of home extensions depends on the following factors:

  • The size of your house
  • If the home extension includes the addition of another floor
  • Quality of materials you will use for extension
  • The fittings and appliances you will use in the extended area
  • Cost of permits
  • Cost of hiring professionals, such as land surveyors, civil engineers etc

The other factors to consider are:

  • Is there parking space available near the extension site, is the site easily accessible
  • If the site is flat, steep, or slight fall
  • Amount of demotion work needed for extension
  • If excavation is needed (extra equipment is needed for excavation)
  • If removal of hazardous material, such as asbestos, is required

Why hire professionals?

Not hiring certified professionals for home extensions can cost homeowners dearly. Here are the benefits of hiring professionals for any home extension project.

  • Experience: Professional home renovation company is experienced in handling extension projects. They know how to plan and execute such projects within time and budget as per the requirements of clients. So, you can rely on them because they not only have experience but have the required skills and knowledge.
  • Safety: Professional home renovators follow industry standards. So, you will know that there is a guarantee of safety when these professionals work. They are licensed, so in case of unwanted incidents, clients are given compensation for the damages or losses.
  • Peace of mind: when professionals handle home extension projects, you will have peace of mind because you know the best people are handling the work, and you can focus on other important work.

Hiring professionals for home extensions has multiple benefits. Professionals can understand your needs for adding extra space to your house and provide the most appropriate solution suiting your needs, preferences, and budget. Professionals have the right knowledge and equipment to carry out structural extensions. So, hiring professionals to ensure safety and work warranty is one of the best choices which you can make today. No matter why and where you want an extended structure in your property, you cannot do it efficiently without the help of a certified and reliable house renovation company.


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