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Immunisation is the process by which you gain immunity to a disease or virus. You can achieve this in two ways.

  • By contracting the disease.
  • By vaccination.

Vaccination has proven to be one of the best forms of immunisation. When a person is immunized through vaccination, the body is tricked into believing that it has contracted the disease, hence the body’s immune system starts to respond and creates antibodies against the virus. If the person contracts the disease later on, then the immune system recognizes the virus and rapidly produces antibodies to fight and disable the virus.

There are several benefits to immunization:

  • You can protect yourself and your loved ones from potentially harmful diseases, which can cause long-term adverse complications, disabilities, or even death.
  • It helps stop the spread of harmful diseases within the community because the more people who are immune to a disease the less likely someone else can get affected by it.
  • Immunisation helps to eradicate harmful diseases from the community altogether.

Many people in recent times believe that natural immunity, that is, to be immune to a disease by getting infected with it, is the best method of getting immunised. However, this is not correct, as contracting a dangerous disease can do a lot of harm for a person, and the risks involved are far greater than the benefits. Hence immunity through vaccination is the safest and best method.

Many countries have been successful at eradicating certain diseases altogether through effective immunisation.

There are many clinics that provide services for immunisation in Bayswater, Hobsons Bay, and many other areas around the country, and you can easily make an appointment with a medical professional at one of those clinics to get more information regarding it.

You can now make online appointments for immunisation in Hobsons Bay and clinics in other areas as well, which is safe and convenient.


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