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Benefits of Polyethylene Buoys in Harsh Condition

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Polyethylene Buoy floats are made from high-quality rotomoulded virgin polyethylene which can survive in harsh conditions. It is a process that allows polymer rotation to the interior surface of metal structures. The use of high virgin polyethylene will help increasing its performance and the process will continue to grow. The molding applies a thin layer of a thermoplastic material onto the surface of a mold.

A buoy is a floating device on the sea surface to indicate the present obstacle such as reef and shallow sea and show the direction of the sea route to ship sailing. The earlier buoy was made from steel and it had many problems. Firstly, steel buoy has a safety risk of collision between ship and buoy. Secondly, high corrosion of saltwater with the steel buoy can create marine pollution. Thirdly, the maintenance cost is high and it is very heavyweight. To overcome these issues, the polyethylene buoy is changed from steel to lightweight polymer. This buoy helps in saving cost, is lightweight, and requires less maintenance.

Polyethylene Buoy is one of the most common plastics used today due to its weight, strength, and versatility. Here are some benefits of using polyethylene buoys in harsh conditions:

  • It is built with closed–cell polyurethane foam which increases the wall strength and even the impact.

  • It is made from polymer so it is light in weight.

  • It is more reliable and low in cost.

  • Use of environmentally free polyethylene which is heavy metal-free and contains absolutely no toxic chemicals.

  • It delivers excellent strength in marine float and makes them easy to repair.

  • It has a high –life expectancy as it will not corrode and the floats are designed for long-lasting activity.

  • Navigation buoys are manufactured with UV polyethylene which resists UV degradation

Polycon Gulf Ltd manufactures diverse verticals like Steel, polymer marine buoys, fabrication, and industrial intermediaries. It is the only company in the UAE to offer Roto-lining / Polyethylene Lining technology to the Oil &a Gas, Marine, Desalination, Chemicals, and Process industries in the region.



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