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If you're looking for a luxury flight, Private Jet services By Verijet have a few options for you. They have the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet, AI routing platform, and Safe Return autoland capability. And their flat rate is $3,250 per hour. But what is the best way to utilize their service? Read on to find out! Listed below are the benefits of Private Jet services By Verijet.

Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet

In addition to offering a low-priced flat-rate rate of $3,250 per hour, Verijet also offers a choice of six Cirrus SF50 Vision jets from the second-generation model. All flights are made carbon-neutral, and Verijet uses smaller and less congested airports instead of large commercial airports. Their customers are guaranteed luxurious, spacious travel and can bring their pets along.

AI routing platform

The company recently announced a strategic partnership with Coflyt, a company that provides digital log book storage and aircraft management technology. By using this technology, Verijet will deliver data, and optimize flight plans to their customers. Their fleet also includes the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet, which features a Safe Return autoland feature, which is unique among private jet carriers. Ultimately, the AI routing platform will help them meet their customers' needs while keeping aircraft operations as efficient as possible.

Safe Return autoland capability

A new feature offered by many private jet services is the Safe Return autoland capability. This technology allows the pilot to land the aircraft without remaining on the tarmac, avoiding potential collisions with the ground. The system analyzes factors such as weather conditions, fuel remaining in the aircraft and the distance to the nearest suitable runway, and then lands the aircraft when it is safe to do so.

Flat rate of $3,250 per hour

Using a private jet for your business trip, vacation, or special occasion? If so, VeriJet has you covered. This charter airline flies the Cirrus Vision Jet, one of the newest private jets available. These aircraft are single-pilot aircraft, meaning operating costs are lower than those of other types of private jets. The result is a lower hourly rate for consumers.

Client list of Rolling Stones

While the Rolling Stones are not the highest-profile clients of private jet services by Verijet, their client list is a gold-plated one, spanning the entertainment, sports, corporate, and government industries. The company, founded in New Hampshire in 2003, has a long list of prestigious clients, including recording artists, major corporations, and politicians. Its clients have won an impressive number of awards and trophies, including the World Series, Grammys, and SAG Awards.

Guns N' Roses

When touring Europe, the band is known to travel in style by private jet. A video of the plane's interior features personal stories from members of the band. You can catch Duff's story at about the two-minute mark. The band has successfully cheated death on multiple occasions, and their private jet is one of the reasons why they can travel in such comfort. Axl Rose has also taken advantage of the plane's interior, featuring several types of artwork.


The Bombardier Challenger 850, the largest super midsize business jet in the world, is one of the aircraft used by Jay Z and Beyonce to travel. The jet features a fully equipped kitchen, two toilets, and a sleeping area that is comparable to the Global 5000. Jay and Beyonce have a large entourage, so it is no surprise that they choose Verijet private jet services for their family vacations.



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