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As kids, there has been a load of games that has been interesting as well as informative, but there have been many games that we play just for spending time. Indoor or outdoor, every other game has its own set of rules and regulations that every individual player must strictly abide to.  One of the most popular and widely played games of pre independence era is known as Satta Matka. As the name itself indicates, it is a game drawn on the lines of gambling or betting.  In India, not many ancient age-old games have popularity as they do create nostalgia but most often are outdated in terms of their rules and strategies. Gambling has created a lot of ruckuses in the past as well as in recent times as it tends to get addictive after certain point of time.  In look out for easy ways of making money, more and more people get involved in the process and that led to a series of crimes and suicides. In India and many other countries abroad, gambling and related games are considered illegal and has some serious legalities if caught red handed. Satta Matka market too has been influenced by these regulations and as a result, the game has been banned from playing. The game lovers, still do have a hope that in near future, the game will be have a revamped version with some relaxation in legal formalities.

History of the Indian gambling game

Satta Matka has been played even before the time of independence. At that time, bets were placed on the fluctuating price of cotton that was transmitted from New York Cotton Exchange to Bombay Stock Exchange. Cotton which was then a valuable commodity was considered a profitable commodity to trade with. Many traders got involved in the process of betting and the game just got spread with passing of time. The group of gamblers extended their betting spree from part of the country to other and from cotton to another expensive commodity. It was in mid 90s, that New York Cotton Exchange stopped transmitting cotton to Bombay exchange.

Kalyanji Bhagat was considered to be the king or father of satta matka as he was first one to coin the term. He was one who created Kalyan market to fill in the gap between players placing the bets and those accepting it.

When it comes to gambling, people see no obvious benefit except for the fact that it helps in vending out money in the quick easy way. There is no kind of hard work involved in the process but yes like any other business it too has its own share of risk. Counting the benefits, one of the most evident advantages is its mode of play. Earlier, the game used to be played physically in a group but today owing to legalities involved, it cannot be played just sitting anywhere. To cope up with this, many Indian as well as foreign based websites are available that host many different game plays in a day. There are many satta markets available to choose from like Kalyan, Worli etc. where the difference lies in the timings of the occurrence of different events. As per the comfort and availability of player, he/she is free to choose from any of the available slots or markets. Online game platform ensures that player identity is hidden and thus inviting minimum legalities. You can simply play with multiple users keeping your real identity safe and secure.

Since the time of its origin, Indian satka matka market has brough a load of difference in the game format enabling more and more players to participate in the process. Though many still have inhibitions on betting their money, many are coming forward to place smaller yet frequent bets. The game is all about placing bets on random numbers and trying your luck.  A player needs to select 3 random numbers between 0-9 and then add up the same to get a 2-digit number. The last digit is further taken and multiplied with the initially selected number to get a single number. Format wise, it is easy to learn and understand, but to gain expertise, you need to place bets on a frequent basis making sure that it does not harm your earnings to a great extent.


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