Benefits of Two Wheeler Loan

The loan is still considered a huge burden for many people. It still gives a nightmare to people and they avoid taking a loan. However, the loan can be very helpful in many ways. For example, buying a new home, or taking a new vehicle, or paying off older debt. A person with an average salary can apply for the loan at an affordable interest rate. One such loan is the two-wheeler loan which comes with very easy repayment options. It gives you the option to decide your repayment method.A large part of the population uses two-wheeler as their mode of transportation. As they have very less maintenance cost and come with better resale value.

But most of the people can't afford to pay the total amount together. So, the best way is to take a loan. Benefits of these loans are :

  1. They help you to take a huge financial burden off your head. Instead of paying the whole amount together, you can pay the amount in pieces known as EMI(Easily Monthly Installments). It is easy to pay a little amount every month instead of paying together.
  2. A simple search on the internet can show you instant results for two-wheeler loans. But interest rates vary from bank to bank. Therefore compare interest rates of different lenders and then apply. Also, you can get instant loan approval with just a few clicks and once your loan is approved, the money will be instantly credited into your bank account.
  3. Low-interest rates: due to the increase in demand for two-wheeler, there is also an increase in demand for two-wheeler loans to buy these vehicles, so, to attract more customers and make these loans affordable, companies offer low-interest rates until or unless your credit score is not good enough.
  4. Those who wish to get their dream bike, now is the best time because due to the ongoing pandemic, financial companies are offering more offers and discounts on the interest rates.
  5. The amount to be paid each month is very low due to the low vehicle cost. So, a person doesn’t need to have a huge monthly income. For getting a loan, a person must have a stable employment record also the income can vary.
  6. Financial companies cover up to 90% of your vehicle amount. This means that you have to pay on 10% of your total vehicle amount as a down payment and the rest will be covered under your loan.


Two-wheeler loan is very beneficial for you as it can help you in increasing your credit score and you can get your dream bike without any financial burden. Also, the interest rate offered is very less, for example, Corporation Bank Two Wheeler Loan offers an interest rate of 10% on these loans. 


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