Benefits of using Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Pads

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An alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) is glycolic acid, and it is mainly used for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, dryness, and acne. The acid’s keratolytic properties exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, which helps in reducing the keratolytic properties exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and also keeps acne at bay. One should consider using the best glycolic acid exfoliating pads as they moisture to one’s newly exfoliated skin. Besides hydrating the dry skin, it can also prevent new fine lines and wrinkles.

Perks of using the glycolic acid exfoliating pads:

Reduces fine lines- it helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it exfoliates the top layer of skin, which accelerates skin cell renewal, and accelerated skin cell renewal increases collagen production. It also enhances the natural ability of the skin to retain hydration. The exfoliation happens when dead skin cells are dissolved and the skin's surface is flattened. 

Hydrates the dry skin- besides exfoliation, glycolic acid is also helpful in keeping one's skin hydrated. It is known as a humectant; glycolic acid chemically attracts water molecules to it. It means skin can be replenished with new moisture. After using the best exfoliating pads, one should consider using moisturizers to keep the skin healthy. 

Brightens the skin- The glycolic acid's tiny molecules tend to go deep beneath one’s skin's surface and break down bonds between dead skin cells which brings out your fresh, baby skin that is not only brighter but also smoother and softer.

It keeps hyperpigmentation at bay- the best part about glycolic acid is that it keeps hyperpigmentation, including dark spots, age spots, freckles, and melasma at bay. The acid helps in removing s darker dead skin cells from one’s skin's surface, revealing a fresh layer of skin with a more even skin tone.

Reduces acne- by exfoliating dead skin cells that often clog pores and trigger breakouts, glycolic acid fights acne and has the ability to break apart dead skin cells on the skin's surface. It reduces the current acne and helps one in maintaining clear skin.

Better penetration- besides accelerating skin cell rejuvenation, the glycolic acid also allows for deeper penetration of other skincare ingredients. When the dead skin is removed, one can expect penetration of skincare products. 

Thanks to its deep penetration properties, glycolic acid increases collagen synthesis, which prevents fine lines and wrinkles. The best glycolic acid exfoliation pads are a staple skincare accessory that is widely used by actresses as well as supermodels to keep their skin glowing and plump at all times. Unlike other skincare products, glycolic acid certainly deserves a special place, Thanks to its ability to penetrate deeply into the layer of dead skin cells of the skin. Glycolic Acid exfoliating pads by My Touch are the easiest way to harness the power of glycolic acid to boost your skin’s natural glow and appeal.

We recommend using these exfoliating pads with the utmost precision after you are done with your daily routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturization. Like any other skincare process, this skincare product works best when it is paired up with daily skin hygiene practices. For the best results, we recommend following the exact instructions and layering up this product with My Touch Skincare’s Moisturizing Lotion. Make sure to use our Glycolic Acid Exfoliation Pads on well-cleansed skin without any leftover makeup residue. Having completely well-cleansed skin is pivotal for the Glycolic Acid to penetrate into the skin cells and show its results.

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