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Bananas are highly beneficial to health. They provide calcium, iron, and other nutritional benefits to the body that strengthens the bones and raises the immunity of the person. Bananas are especially great for infants as they are in a developing stage which is when they need these nutrients the most. These nutrients benefit an infant’s health in the present as well as the future. Bananas also help in the proper growth of the baby. The Holle banana porridge makes its consumption easier, provides equal nutrients, and also fills the stomach of the baby. Below listed are some of the main benefits that your baby can enjoy from Holle Banana porridge.  

The healthy ingredients of banana porridge 

A full bowl of banana nutrition consists of heavy nutrients like milk, skimmed milk powder, sunflower and palm seed oil, rice flour, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate, potassium iodate. With a blend of vitamins like Vitamin A, B, B1, B2, B6, D, and K. The portion of cereal flakes, apple juice, milk powder, and calcium carbonate is sufficiently present in it.

The banana porridge is prepared in 3 simple steps:-

Boil the water

Add banana pieces into it, stir it well until its properly crushed

Once the batter gets ready, add 2 spoons of milk formula or cream, and mix it well to prepare one complete bowl of porridge.

Once the porridge gets ready, pour it into a big bowl. This meal will be enough to fill up the little stomach of your baby. One bowl of porridge is completely gluten free and full of vitamin-rich fruits. A banana porridge is healthy and makes your baby strong physically and mentally. Apart from these, the banana porridge has other benefits as well which are:-

Maintains blood sugar level:- The banana contains 105 calories which are almost fat-free and other antioxidants that build blood in the human body. These calories keep the blood circulation intact and don’t damage the oxygen attracting red blood cells.

Supports heart and kidney:- Banana is good for organs like kidneys and heart, which creates a healthy respiratory system and digests the food easily. The potassium present inside supports the functioning of the heart and kidney and keeps the blood pressure in control.

Aid weight loss:- Bananas aid weight loss because of their high nutrients, fibres, and low calories. Because of its low-calorie count, and high calcium, it is light and filling. Eating more bananas can help you lose weight in a longer time period.

High-content of antioxidants:- Bananas contain a high content of antioxidants which include dopamine and catechins. The dopamine present inside a banana is different from a chemical present in the mind. This dopamine strengthens the blood cells and does not let degenerative illnesses enter. These antioxidants lower the risk of some dangerous diseases.

Keep sugar levels in control:- Banas are enriched with pectin which acts like soluble fibre and escapes digestion. When you peel off the banana, it becomes starch-resistant and easy to consume. This maintains the sugar-level and keeps it moderate, which can fill your stomach and keep you away from eating excessively. The glycemic index of every banana would be different, which falls between the measure of 0-100.

Improves digestion:- You might be feeding your baby 3 times a day and an infant takes time to digest. To keep the digestion process intact add Holle banana porridge, so that he/ she can feel filled and receive dietary fibres as well. The banana comes in different sizes. The small one contains 3 grams of fibre, and the larger one contains 10. The dietary fibres have many health benefits which include weight loss, improved digestion, and reduced fatigue.

These are some of the benefits of consuming banana porridge. Just feed your baby one meal a day, the benefits and improved health of your baby will reflect after some time.

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