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Recently, Bentley malaysia Motors stated that it has decided to abandon the use of its huge 6.75L engine. It is the company's longest-running V8 engine and has been in production for its 60th anniversary in 2019. This engine is designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in a factory in Crewe, England. It is also the longest-life V8 engine in the world. It was first applied to the Bentley S2 in 1959 and has experienced decades of wind and rain. It has been honed, and there have been many upgrades and modifications, but no matter how it is changed, its basic principles and dimensions have remained the same for 60 years.

Even more surprising is that Bentley also announced this time that its iconic Mulsanne model will also withdraw from the stage of history with this engine. It is undeniable that the Mulsanne is the most iconic four-door sedan among Bentley's products. It established its position as a luxury car benchmark in one fell swoop when it first appeared in 1980.

Bentley said that Mulsanne will officially stop production this spring, after which the Bentley Flying Spur will replace its position as the flagship model in the Bentley sedan series. When production was discontinued, Bentley officially released the last Mulsanne model Mulsanne 6.75 special edition model. Its name is inspired by its legendary 6.75T engine. This car will be sold in a limited edition of 30. There will no longer be a successor to this model.

In this way, this new car will become Mulsanne's swan song, and its meaning is beyond words. Next, we will carefully taste this car. On the outside, 30 Mulsanne 6.75 special edition models, each car’s exterior is treated with bright black details, and its FlyingB hood mascot, exhaust port and superb Mulliner Serenity grille are all black , And the headlights and taillights are wrapped in bright chrome alloy.

On the side of the body, the new car uses a custom 21-inch 5-spoke wheel. It is worth noting that a black intake manifold and an engine signed by Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark are hidden under the hood. Number special nameplate.

In the cockpit, this luxury car has four colors to choose from: ImperialBlue, Beluga, Fireglow and NewmarketTan. Mulliner will match it with a tailored mix of colors according to different colors.

A large number of silver embellishments are used on the instrument panel and center console, which match the gray details on the seats. There is also a unique metal plaque on the center console that reads “6.75 Special Edition”, “Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the L series V8 engine” and “one of the 30 handcrafted by Bentley Mulliner in Crewe”. The car is also equipped with a special welcome light. When the door is opened, the words “6.75 Special Edition” will be cast on the ground.

In terms of power, take a look at this powerful 6.75L V8 engine with a long history. It can provide 530 horsepower and 1100 nanometers of torque. Combining excellent driving dynamics and all the original power, it can accelerate from 0 to in just 4.9 seconds. 100 km/h can also reach an astonishing top speed of 305 km/h.

In terms of price, Mulliner Mulsanne 6.75 has not yet determined the specific price, but the starting price of the reference standard Mulsanne is 342,000 US dollars. There is no doubt that you need to prepare more money than this.

In the future, Bentley’s flagship sedan will be replaced by a new generation of Flying Spur. In addition, the brand new Flying Spur has also been officially confirmed that it will launch a gasoline-electric hybrid version around 2023. This move marks Bentley’s commitment to change and its potential for electrification. Continue the exploration of luxury travel in the future.

Source: WapCar


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