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Bergamot oil, an essential oil extracted from bergamot orange fruits, is also known as Bergamot oil. This citrus fruit looks like a mixture of grapefruit and orange, with the inside being yellow and the outside being green. These fruits are more commonly found in India and Italy. Bergamot essential oil is produced by many manufacturers to alleviate pain, irritation, stress, and other issues. These fruits are rich in fiber, protein, and fat, as well as natural antioxidants. These nutrients help to improve your heart, skin, and immune system. The steaming process extracts the bergamot orange oil, then we refine and add other natural elements to create our 100% safe bergamot essential oils.

Bergamot oil – Essential oil, perfume, or medicine making

Cost Of Bergamot Oil It all depends on the quality, quantity, and brand

Bergamot Oil Commonly Use – To make essential oils and perfumes that last a long time

Bergamot Oil Good For – Reducing inflammation, cholesterol level, joint pain, etc.

Bergamot Oil Refers To – bergamot orange, Citrus bergamia,

Bergamot Oil Smells – Sweet, Strong, and Fresh

Extraction Process – a hydro-distillation process

Bergamot Oil Production Process
To extract oil from Bergamot fruits, we use a hydro-distillation method. After that, we refine the oil and add other natural ingredients. 
Like plants, leaves, herbs, rosemary, sandalwood, etc. This gives the oil an aromatic and pleasant aroma. Our essential oils are all 100% organic and safe, so they have less chance of reacting to sensitive skin.

Health Benefits of Bergamot Oil
Bergamot fruit is rich in healthy nutrients that prevent skin irritation, dark spots, skin darkening, and bacterial growth. This juice is also used to positively regulate cholesterol and blood pressure. Our Bergamot oil can be applied to your hair to prevent hair fall.

How to Use Bergamot Oil

For Face

  • Wash your face first with warm or regular water

  • Use a few drops of Bergamot essential oils

  • Mix it with one to two tablespoons of carrier oil such as coconut oil, jasmine, or other oils.

  • Apply a little bit to your face.



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