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Bespoke SEO Company and Customized SEO for Small Businesses

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Are you here because you want to know what to do to get your website to the top of Google? Or are you just going to hire an SEO expert to take care of the optimization of your website, and you want to have an overview of what SEO means or how to do SEO so you know how to quantify his work? For all these questions, you have a solution. You must hire a bespoke SEO company that will offer you a customized SEO.

According to Search Engine Journal, in the early days of the Internet, when there were only “a few” websites in total (in fact, a few million, compared to over 20 billion estimated today) – search engines also appeared, which, although not sophisticated at all – indexed the content on the web quite well and were a starting point for browsing, thus representing an important source of traffic for websites. At the same time, specialists realized the need for conscious control in increasing visibility in search engines, which gave rise to a new science: SEO – search engine optimization, which aims to improve the quality of a website's traffic.

What is SEO, and how do Search Engines work?

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Specifically, SEO is a process of trying to improve your website's position in search engine results for specific keywords or phrases. At a basic level, SEO is divided into two main branches: On-Page and Off-Page SEO. To optimize your website off-page, you need to gather as many quality links to it as possible.

Despite all the statistics and optimization models out there, you are the master of your website and the conductor of your business – so you decide what's best for its progress in the search engines. If your website has become more than a hobby but also a source of income and has grown in volume and complexity, we advise you to take it to the next level, cut down on the actions, and see what customized SEO strategy a bespoke SEO company comes up with. Know that you might discover interesting things you didn't suspect and original solutions to improve your results.

A Bespoke SEO Company will offer you a promotion strategy.

SEO is like a never-ending story. SEO promotion strategy is a continuous process of improving on-page and off-page factors. If you're not constantly active, you'll lose ground to others who are putting in the effort. That's why you need to consider a bespoke SEO company, like GAMIT to take care of your business. Also, to see consistent results in the long run, you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors, both on-page and off-page. However, do not forget that the content is the most important one. If you don't think so, try to make an article that will trump the others on the front page on a chosen keyword. You'll need fewer links to get it on the front page if the article is among the most or the most in-depth on the topic. The link-building part relies heavily on external factors, and the content part relies entirely on your strengths. Plus, an in-depth article is more likely to receive natural links.

What does SEO Off-Page mean?

If you get in contact with a bespoke SEO company, they will tell you that Off-Page SEO means that you need to show the search engines that your site is trustworthy. Specifically, search engines analyze how many sites link to your website. In SEO terms, links to your site are feedbacks of trust or popularity given by other sites. If 30 other important and trusted sites link to your site and only two low-quality sites link to your competitor's site, Google will perceive this as a trust signal in your favor, and your site will appear before your competitor's site.

What does SEO On-Page mean?

When we talk about on-page SEO optimization, we mean helping search engines understand what your website is about. Search engines don't read a website the same way people read it. They “understand” what a website is about by reading the code (programming language) behind it. That's why an essential part of SEO is On-Page Optimisation.

On-Page SEO optimization contains:

  • Page title, which contains the keyword.
  • Internal links to link pages together.
  • Subtitles (headings) should contain keywords.
  • The site must have a very good loading speed.

Your website's rankings in Google are partially decided based on customized SEO factors. These factors consist of all the aspects that you can influence by making changes to your site. These include technical aspects (code quality and speed of the site, etc.) and aspects related to the content of the site (structure and quality of texts). You can't start working on Off-Site SEO without solving everything related to On-Site SEO because you won't get the desired results, and you will never achieve your goals; this is why you should still consider calling a bespoke SEO company to help you achieve your dream and to help you with that customized SEO for your web site.

3 Tips for the customized SEO

For your website to be successful, here are three tips you should keep in mind when it comes to customized SEO elements of success:

1.     E-A-T

Misinformation, propaganda, and fake news have taken on an unprecedented scale. Search engines have developed effective solutions to differentiate between misleading content and real or relevant content. Try to certify the content of your website to increase trust, and you will see tangible SEO results. Read more about E-A-T here.

2.     Link Building

Your link strategy should also be as credible as possible. Remember: the trust in your website depends on the trust of the links you have!

3.     Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals was launched in 2020. This metric was created with user experience in mind. Strive to reach the minimum threshold of 75% for each of these metrics, and your users will be happier and more satisfied!

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How to improve your website?

Here's how you can improve the user experience in just some seconds: Use large fonts of at least 14 pixels and short paragraphs of two sentences, each about 60-70 characters long. Pictures will keep the user on the site longer on both desktop and mobile. Try to include one picture for every 300-400 words of text. Internal links also need more attention, as they determine navigability on mobile. Internal links can greatly increase the time spent on the site if they are placed properly and where they should be. SEO optimization is a continuous process of planning, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and monitoring. Results don't happen overnight. Depending on budget, effort, and effectiveness, it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months to see significant traffic from SEO. The growth after, however, will be exponential. The reason is simple: about 75% of Google searchers don't get past the first page. In the first few months, you'll see a slow increase in traffic, followed by a boom (an exponential increase) when your site climbs to the first page on your targeted keywords.

Also, to improve your website, SEO recommends you take into account two main key aspects:

1. Keywords must be in the first 100 words

This is a classic On-Page SEO tactic, but one that still works well today. Google emphasizes the words and topic at the beginning of the web page. And if you think about it, it makes sense – no one would want to “land” in an article about SEO and the first words about SEO to appear halfway through the article.

2. Keywords must be found in Meta Titles

The meta title is one of the first elements that Google reads and takes into account when determining rankings. Moreover, the meta title is also the text written in the largest font in the SERP. More precisely, it is the most visible aspect for those who initiated a search on the Internet. So, you will want the most important keywords on the page to be in the meta title:

Keywords should be written at the beginning.

3. Keywords in the Meta Description

  • Include business differentiators to increase the click-through rate.
  • Include your brand name.
  • Avoid repeating the same word.
  • Try to target the most searched long-tail words.
  • It is advisable to have unique meta titles for each page of the site.
  • The meta description is part of the pre-click optimization, just like the URL and meta title.

Specifically, it is one of those elements that the user sees before deciding which SERP result to click on. Meta description has the main role of increasing the click-through rate – CTR.

SEO is a strategic way of thinking, not an inert list of practices. Therefore, this service requires a full and lasting commitment to understanding the mechanisms that underpin the workings of search engines and the causal and interrelated relationships these mechanisms achieve. So do not be afraid to ask a bespoke SEO company to help you invest in a customized SEO, especially for your site.


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