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The Disney+ plus bundle, which includes Hulu and ESPN+ is all set to prove its worth in the war of streaming services by announcing a vast content and appealing shows. The Disney+ bundle is giving fierce competition to other existing streaming services by rolling out many new shows and web series adored by people all over the world. The Disney+ bundle is providing the best and alluring shows at the cheapest subscription with a unique user interface to its audience by giving access to a vast library of entertaining content. Here is the list of 11 best shows which are worth watching on this Disney+ streaming bundle.

Support The Girls

The story revolves around the protagonist Lisa, a manager at a restaurant ” Double Whammies” willing to support her teammates in every situation. The movie portrays day to day troubles and the struggles women often face at their workplace. The story compiles several unique moments which is focusing on the emotional lives of ordinary people. Lisa has been portrayed as a very hard-working manager who runs the entire business with efficiency and also makes some mistakes out of emotions while helping an employee. She feels the importance of making her employees comfortable at the workplace and does everything to sort out the problems of their personal and professional lives too.

The Beach Bum

The story of this movie is revolving around Moondog, who is a hedonist, always live his life on his terms and conditions, and spends a lot of time near a beach seeking pleasure. The protagonist, Moondog, has been depicted as a fun-loving writer who remains busy in pot smoking and drinking beer. Despite being having these bad qualities, Moondog gets the love and full support of his wife. The relaxed life of Moondog comes to an end due to an unexpected disastrous accident that compels him to write a great novel.

Sorry to bother you

Sorry to bother you is about a black call center employee who is struggling in his career and life, but suddenly he got immense success when adopts a white voice. The movie is depicting the negative aspects of capitalism racialism also, which has ruined the lives of black people. The film also shows that moral values have no value when it stands against money and endless wealth. People often tend to compromise with their values and can send their souls when it comes to earning infinite wealth.

Killing Eve

The story is featuring Sandra Oh playing the role of an MI5 agent who is chasing an international psychopathic assassin played Jodie Comer is an extraordinary cat and mouse chase thriller. The story of Killing Eve is not so hideous and raises the moments where you can laugh a lot. Spy thrillers are often made male-oriented, but the story of killing eve is female-oriented where spy and assassin both are females and so make this movie more dynamic, mysterious, and worth to watch and not only this the music in this movie is also fantastic and matching with the scenes.

Fast colors

Fast color is about a family of women possessing supernatural powers and black magic. It is unique and different from that superhuman drama we are accustomed to watching for a long time. The three women Ruth, Lila, and Bo, have supernatural powers that can create, destroy, and even can affect the different energies on earth. One of these three women, Ruth, has the power which is ruining because her supernatural powers are not under her control.  She has to run away to save herself from the government who is chasing her. She knows that she will become the object for scientists once caught, which will make her life hell as she has to inhumane behavior.


If you are a fan of the series The Office, Parks and recreation and the Good Place, then you would love to Superstore, which is a workplace comedy and give you a real picture of the retail world. The story includes not only humor but romance also, and you will enjoy watching this show when you will find the talks between the characters quite relevant to your own.

If Beale Street Could Talk

The story is about the two-lifetime friends Clementine and Alonzo who start feeling for each other and fall in love and bear the grief of separation when a racist cop arrests Alonzo. The film is about hope and love, even in the situations hatred along with passion and intimacy. The excellent cinematography and unforgettable performances have made this film worth to watch.

The Muppets

Grown-ups love the Muppets all over the world, and this comedy show is all set to make you laugh loudly. The uniquely designed characters of this show create several moments full of fun and humor, which can make your whole day happy.

O.J: Made in America

The series featuring the story of O.J. Simpson has been directed by Ezra Edelman, who has tackled the police brutality, racial inequality, power and cult of celebrity beautifully in this series. The story is impressive and incomparable as it covers the life of a person who had witnessed stardom and confined to jail.

The Mandalorian

This show is top-rated among all age groups, and the big reason to purchase the subscription of Disney+. The story of The Mandalorian is incredible, and the characters are unforgettable.

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