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 After Effects is feature-packed software used for motion graphics, VFX, 3D effects, and animations. It offers a good range of features. No other software tools have been able to compete with it. It boasts of more features than any other VFX software tools do. 3D stereo compositing has made it the choice of many professionals around the world. If you are already familiar with the interface of After Effects, these tips will surely help you level up your workflow. To know about the effective tips, read below.

Duplicate Layers

If you want to duplicate layers, there is no need to enter the menu. Here is a shortcut to do it. You can duplicate a layer in After Effects by clicking on Command + D. Keep it in mind that you can duplicate not only layers but effects also with the help of this amazing shortcut.

Save Frames

You can save frames on After Effects easily. If you want to show someone a frame, you can now save frames in an easy way. All you have to do is just click on Composition. As you click on Composition, you will find the option to save frames. Here you can select any of the two options. You can save frames this way.

View All Keyframes

After setting all the keyframes, you can view them easily in your timeline. To view them, all you have to do is just click on U on your keyboard. It is a simple shortcut to view the keyframes and speeds up your workflow.

Keyframe Scaling

For those who love making animated videos, moving the keyframe is a common thing. If you are looking for a shortcut way to do that, try this shortcut. You can increase the duration of a specific keyframe if you drag it. Click on the keyframe you want to move and drag it according to the needs.

 Use Graph Editor

Graph Editor can be a lot useful when you want to make your keyframes act in a proper way. If keyframes do not work well, you can use the Graph Editor to make your animation better. To open the Graph Editor, all you have to do is just select the desired keyframes and click on the small graph icon that appears in the timeline.

Crop Compositions

You must know that you can crop Composition on After Effects. It is a feature that many are not aware of. In order to do so, first, go to Composition, then go to Composition Settings. Here you will find the option to change the width and height. Set them according to your choice. Click on the Region of Interest Button that appears between composition workspace and viewing screen; here, you can crop the region you want.

All these tips shared above will help you create better projects in the least possible time and enhance your editing workflow.

SOURCE:- Best After Effects Tips to Speed Up Your Workflow


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