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In today’s world of digitization, we don’t need a traditional scanner. Your smartphone is the multi-tasking tool that will do the work for you. All you need is a camera and a supportive OCR application on your mobile phone, and you are good to go. You can convert any photo in a digital file with the help of OCR, which can be easily customized and shared.

In this article, we will be mentioning some of the best scanning applications for you.


Camscanner can easily convert any photo into a high-resolution digital document in minutes. You can scan any document by taking a picture of it, and Camscanner will turn it into a digital file. Camscanner is ideal for students and teachers because of their free features. If you want to unlock some advanced features, then you can buy their premium version.

You can also improve the quality of the text, enhance sharpness, and convert the document into a more neat and clean look. If you are a multi-device user, then you can integrate all files on different devices with each other. Camscanner also allows you to share the converted files without any hassle.

With its OCR technology, you can convert any image into a text file with 16 supportive languages. You can also crop any unwanted background in your image by their auto-edge cropping feature.

ScanPro App

The ScanPro app is the most compatible application for IOS users. ScanPro works well with email and cloud storage. You don’t have to worry about storing your scanned files because all your data will be saved on your smartphone. You can access any document through cloud storage.

You have to hold your smartphone in front of the document you want to scan, and it will scan it automatically. It will auto-enhance the colors and crop the document to remove any unwanted elements. You can also send the scanned document as a fax. ScanPro can scan multiple-page documents as well. You can enhance the scanned document by using various filters like grayscale, black & white, etc.

With its OCR technology, you can also extract the text of your documents.


PrimeScanner is a free scanning app equipped with OCR. You can quickly scan any documents and convert them into high-quality formats. PrimeScanner makes scanning simple and easy because of its state of the art algorithm. PrimeScanner not only scans documents but also allows you to import files from your phone.

It automatically finds the edges of the documents and crops the unwanted background. You can unwrap the document and enhance it by using various filters. Its OCR technology auto-detect the text on the document. You can also add a signature or seal to your scanned document. You can convert your scanned document into high quality without any watermarks.

Smart Lens

Smart Lens helps you in converting any images into text with optimum accuracy. SmartLens allows you to take images of text rather than transcribing it. You can scan and translate any document and detect any phone number, URLs, email, etc. You can also translate any foreign language into your native language.

You can easily make a phone call; send an SMS by auto-detecting the phone number on the documents. You can also access the mentioned URLs, emails, and Facebook profiles. You just need to take a picture of the desired document and make changes. The only downside of this application is that you cannot scan handwritten text.

Scan & Translate+ Text grabber

Scan & Translate app allows you to translate your texts in 90 different languages. It will enable you to edit, translate, and share the converted documents. It recognizes the text in more than 70 languages and translates it into more than 90 languages. It allows you to listen to the text and translate it into more than 44 languages. You can share the converted text on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS.

Text Fairy

Text Fairy allows you to convert any images into text. It also enables you to correct the viewpoint of your image. You can also edit the text and turn it into PDF.  Text Fairy also recognizes text in more than 50 languages. This tool is entirely free, with no ads.


TextGrabber reads QR codes, texts, and translates it into more than 100 languages. You can capture any document with your camera, and it recognizes the text without the internet. TextGrabber has a real-time recognition mode that identifies information in more than 60 languages.

The extracted information becomes clickable like a link, phone numbers, dates, and addresses. It scans QR codes as well. You can also adjust font sizes, and it has a VoiceOver system feature as well.

Their free version is loaded with ads and provides three recognitions and translations.

Google Keep

Google Keep allows you to capture any document and let you share it with your friends. You can capture whatever is on your mind by adding notes and photos. You can also record a voice transcript and save it for later. You can also add colors and labels to your notes and allow you to save it for later. It synchronizes your data all across your devices. It also allows you to set a reminder based on location. You can also take photos of your important stuff and let it save for future reference.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft office lens has an in-built text recognition and document scanner. It helps you in translating your images into PDF format. You can take snapshots of your essential documents as well. It also recognizes the handwritten text, but you have to crop your text before converting it.

You can also search and extract the information you want and also modify it afterward.  Microsoft Office Lens allows you to detect contact information from business cards and save it in your smartphone or address book.


These tools will help you in saving your time and efforts and scans your documents in minutes. Some tools are free, and some are paid. You can access these tools as per your requirement and suitability.

Source :- https://askactivate.com/best-applications-for-super-fast-scanning/


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