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The Top astrologer consultant Santosh Sharma is discuss about Rahu and Santosh Sharmaa is Best astrology consultant.

Rahu and Infrared (IR)

Rahu’s frequency is in the range of Infra-Red (IR). You are aware of micro woven. IR is between micro oven and Red color frequencies. Your TV remote works on IR frequency. Even our body keeps radiating IR. We cannot see IR with naked eyes. . Rahu is aptly called chhayaa (shadow) in jyotish because it is invisible.

Good Rahu and Bad Rahu

Rapid molecular movements and heat are the characteristics of IR i.e. Rahu. Rahu can boost one’s brilliance and radiance and hence one can become very powerful and famous if it is in the suitable house of a kundali. At the same time, if it is placed in a bad house (whether Rahu is suitable for that house or not!) or sits along with other planets (like sun or moon : you know about surya grahana i.e. solar eclipse and Chandra grahana i.e. lunar eclipse in which Rahu is considered to swallow sun and moon ) then it will give bad results affecting our body and mind. During its Mahadasha, and antar dasha etc. its power gets boosted and its effects/affects become very prominent (this happens for all planets).

Indian Astrologer Santosh Shramaa  explain where does Rahu look?

Rahu aspects 5th, 7th and 9th house from the house it is occupying. The counting is done in a counter-clock wise manner, starting from occupied house as 1. In the chart below, Rahu is occupying the Ascendant or Lagna house (1st house is called lagna house) and aspecting 5th, 7th and 9th houses.

Rahu in 1st house

1st house: In this case, it creates mental agitation, restlessness and body pain etc. In its Mahadasha or antar dasha (we shall learn about these later), it can create mental upheavals. It creates irritation and adversely affects the e family life.

Similar influence shall be felt in 5th house of creativity (including child birth i.e. pregnancy and abortion etc.)

7th house(relationship house including marriage, partnerships and other relations) will face heat and disruption leading to bitter and damaged relationships.

But the 9th house (Bhagya or destiny) will receive the benefic power of Rahu. It is luck booster. The person can earn good position in society and at job. Gets name and fame. Helps in abroad postings in job. Good for politicians. It has an overall enhancing effect on luck.

Briefly, Rahu is not good for 1st, 5th and 7th house. It is beneficial in 9th house.

Rahu in  5th house

Rahu is 5th house is not considered good. He gets pain because of children issues/ no children etc. Aspecting 9th and 11th house however boosts his career, name, and fame.

Rahu in 7th house

By now, you have already understood how the interpretation is made. In this case, profession wise he/she will do well but family life will be disturbed. Mental irritation and restlessness are part of life.

Rahu in 9th  house

Rahu in 9th house is luck-booster and makes a person very powerful and successful in life. Aspecting 3rd house is also equally beneficial. However, 1st house will create unstable and irritable mind. 5th th house also leads to pain due to children/absence of children/abortions etc.

Rahu in 2nd house

Sitting in 2nd house, Rahu will be looking at 5th house ( if we count form 2nd house it will be house no. 6 in kundali) , 7th house ( house number 8) and 9th house ( house number 10)  in kundali.

Rahu in 2nd house makes a person irritated and he has a disturbed family life.

 House 6, aspected by Rahu makes him powerful who is capable of vanquishing enemies.

Number 8 house helps him become a writer, poet, etc.

House 10 makes him politically successful and famous.

# The person will have a mix of these influences.  This applies to all the houses.

Rahu in 3rd house

Very powerful at 3rd house.  From this house, Rahu will look at 7th, 9th and  11th houses. Bad for house 7. Very good for 9 and 11.

Rahu in 4th house

Rahu in 4th house makes a person indulge in rough talks. Many a times, he spoils his work because of ways of talking. Therefore, he should be aware of this OS and correct himself.

Aspecting 8th and 10th houses makes him a good writer and very influential. 12th house makes him capable of vanquishing enemies and he gets success due to his own efforts and talents.

Rahu in 6th house

Rahu is good in 6th house. Respected by enemies also. Gets many wealth and long life but mind remains occupied with anxiety.

Aspecting 10th and 12 th houses give good results in career, name and fame.

However, aspecting 2nd house will make him irritated and family life remains disturbed.

Rahu in 8th house

I am sure, you are getting a hang of the interpretation method.

Rahu is good for 8th and 12 th house. 2nd and 4thhouse will be bad. Refer earlier tables to grasp influence.

Rahu in 10th house

Good for 10th house. Aspecting 6th house is also good.

Aspecting 2nd and 4th house is not good. Refer earlier tables to understand more.

Rahu in  11th house

In 11thhouse, Rahu is very powerful. Good career, power, authority . Same for aspecting 3rd house. Aspecting 5th and 7th house is bad. Look at previous tables for better understanding.

Rahu in 12th house

Rahu in 12th house is good. Aspecting 6th and 8th house is also good. Aspecting 4th hosue is detrimental. We have discussed about these houses earlier.. again have a look at previous tables for more clarity and understanding.

Please keep in mind that effect of a planet is more prominent in the house it is occupying. Houses, which it aspects (looks at) gives varied results up to 50% .

Also make a note that the results will vary if it is retrograde ® or debilitated (D). In case of retrograde, its power will be diminished and sometimes counter-productive. Debilitation means no power at all.

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