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Buying a job lot of underwear to sell is all good and well a long as you know what you are buying. Underwear tends to go in and out of fashion and the last thing you want to do is to invest in huge amounts of underwear that will not sell. Understanding the different types of underwear styles, can help you stock up at the times of year they may peak in popularity and this in turn can drive your sales up. Some pieces of underwear never do have a season. They simply stick around for the whole year being a very investment worthy job lot of underwear.


The most revealing form of underwear, it has minimum bottom, back and thigh coverage. These work best under form fitting dresses for a no visible panty line look. These also have a tendency to be linked to ‘special occasions’ so be sure to stock up with a job lot of underwear thongs at times of bamboo fabric underwear the year like February where its valentine’s day. What’s more, these also come in novelty ranges, and will do really well in typical festive seasons such as Christmas! They are also appropriate for party season – office parties or for a night out.

Bikini cut:

These sit on the hips and have narrow sides, they are flattering and are most likely worn by most. With high cut leg holes these provide minimum visibility under clothing. These type of briefs provide an all year aroundbest seller. They are popular, worn often and comfortable for every day. buying a job lot of underwear in this category is perfect for stocking the shelf.


Known commonly as ‘granny pants’. There are provide the best coverage, with full tummy and bottom coverage. They are perfect for everyday comfort and support. Most likely everyone has a pair of these for those days where a little tummy coverage is needed. and they will also provide a steady sale, so investing in a job lot of underwear in this category is also a good option.


Modelled on the traditional men’s boxers, they have a more rectangular shape. They sit on below the waist, and have a very low cut leg, however some have leg holes that extend mid-thigh. These make excellent every day comfort briefs and job lot of underwear of boy shorts would do well on an everyday basis.


An everyday favourite, it has wider sides, providing more bottom coverage and support. The waistband sits 2 inches below the waistline and has low cut leg holes- Perfect for anyone wearing low rise jeans or trousers. Considering these do well with low rise jeans or trousers these will probably be most popular in the summer, where crop tops are most popular. When the weather brightensFeature Articles, get buying that job lot of underwear.


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