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Grounded is now considered as one of the best survival video games. Within a month, the game has ruled over numerous gamers’ hearts and persists in acquiring more milestones to success. Following this, the game has also been relatively fresh, thanks to its developers who frequently add new stuff to it. Besides, the game has recently received an update through its various unique aspects that have entered into this game, including giant Spiders that are inevitable even after using Spider blocking. Thus, the gamers must craft a secret base that grants assurance of full security. Therefore, below we have provided a proper workaround that contains the names of locations that are best to build a protected base in Grounded.

Most Ideal Locations to Build a Protected Base or Hideout in Grounded

  • Under the patio: Players need to know that there is a hidden region which can be used by them as their whereabouts. The area is located in the center of the map, and gamers need to move in the southern direction to visit it. Now, they need to stop aside the house and should start looking for mushrooms. There is a potion gathered beside the mushrooms, and this is where players can build their hideout. Gamers need to visit the region beneath the potion, and once they access it, then they will automatically know the reason why this area is the best for a hideout.
  • Tao of the long fence: Gamers require to know that another best location to create a whereabout lies near the Oak Tree. Over there, players will see various fences lying on the ground and are made up of logs. These logs can become a base foundation of gamers hideout and are also rich in sap, the BURG.L Lab, and acorns.
  • Top of the Baseball: Perhaps this is the best place to build a protected hideout in Grounded. The area lies in the western region of the map, and gamers should use scaffolding to craft a hideout on the top of Baseball.
  • Upon the stone base of the Birdbath: Players need to know that in the south-eastern region of the map across berry bushes and hedges, there is a base of the birdbath. The location is best to create a protected base because it helps in avoiding the infiltration of insects and is exceptionally rich in resources like berry leather, berry chunks, and water.
  • Upon Large- flat rock: Precisely, it is the most elevated region in Grounded that gamers can access. The area is perfect for building a protected base. More importantly, it would help gamers to keep an eye on the whole backyard.
  • In the northern lake: Gamers who want to build a base with scenic lake view can craft it near the lake in the Northern section. However, it would be more beneficial if they build it inside the lake floors and scaffolding. Additionally, the place is also quite rich in resources such as water and flowers.


Gamers can craft a base with full protection in Grounded. However, it will undoubtedly require them to find a suitable place that meets their requirements. Thus, in this article, we have provided names of all the best locations for an ideal protected base in Grounded. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will find worth reading it.

Players can play Grounded on Xbox One and PC.

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Source: Best Base Locations for Maximum Protection in Grounded

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