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Online Payment Gateway Morocco for Casino Business to help you sustain your business in a competitive market

The market share of online gambling is rapidly increasing year after year. Analysts predict that the total revenue of online casinos will increase by 80% over the next five years. The total value of digital transactions may reach $4.406 billion by 2020. As more people prefer to shop online, making the process quick and reliable is one of the most important tasks for any e-commerce business.

Your online casino is heavily reliant on its Payment Gateway Morocco. Your online casino would fail if there was no perfect link between you and the funds of the players. To play at your casino, the majority of customers use credit cards, e-wallets, and other electronic funds.

Suppose your company operates an online casino, game, or competition. In that case, Amald can provide payment processing and merchant accounts that are directly linked to our banking partners for immediate settlement to your bank account.

What are the crucial steps that need to be taken care of if you are looking to tap into the gaming business?

Look for the cheapest payment provider

Every merchant seeks a better solution at a lower cost. If you’re looking for a Casino Payment Gateway Morocco with the lowest possible fees, keep in mind that not all of them are trustworthy. A large number of businesses will not meet all of your requirements.

Let us define how payment institutions calculate credit card fees:

Fees for transactions– The most common and well-known type of payment is per transaction. It occurs when a PSP charges a set fee for each transaction. It consists of a conversion rate, a PSP markup, and an assessment. Visa cards have an assessment fee of about 0.11 percent.

Fees on occasion– This fee is not charged on a regular basis, but rather on specific occasions such as chargebacks, fraudulent activities, failed transactions, and so on. You can avoid these problems by working with a PSP that offers fraud and chargeback prevention software. Others use dispute resolution to resolve chargeback cases in favor of the client.

Fix Fee – You will require to pay extra fees to use the services of a PSP or a payment gateway.

Don’t look for cheap solutions. They have the potential to destroy your company.

Accept responsibility for transaction data security

When it comes to transaction data security, every merchant should look into a PSP that is PCI DSS certified. Its significance cannot be flashy. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council certificate allows you to meet the most recent transaction data security requirements and allows you to optimize the overall infrastructure’s operation.

While on the other, customer attitudes toward the services provided are improving. In addition, the company reduces its losses from hacker attacks.

Of course, merchants can pass the certification and demonstrate the system’s dependability on their own. However, ensuring the appropriate level of protection and preparing for an audit is a time-consuming process. In this case, it is preferable to select a payment service provider who possesses the necessary certification.

Limiting the number of payment options

Each entrepreneur strives to expand their business and offer a wider range of solutions to their customers.

Some customers refuse to use their credit cards for security reasons. You will lose a significant number of potential customers if you do not provide alternative payment options.

By providing alternative payment options for gambling, you gain the ability to reach a larger audience and broaden your horizons.

If you do not accept mobile payments, contactless payments, e-wallets, and other payment methods, fewer potential customers will consider doing business with you.

Make the integration process as simple as possible

The easier it is for the PSP to integrate the payment page into the game interface, the more enjoyable it is to use. That is why it is critical to contact a payment provider who can explain the specifics of each payment system for gambling and help you choose the best integration method.

PSPs offer a variety of Payment Gateway Morocco for Website integration options for your website.


The Application Programming Interface (API) is a collection of tools and functions implemented as an interface for developing new applications, allowing one program to interact with another. The API’s main goal was to allow programmers to significantly simplify tasks when developing various applications by using ready-made code.

Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal is a software application that allows you to accept credit card payments over the Internet using a secure connection.

You can use the Virtual Terminal to perform card operations without the presence of a client or the production of a card. This function also implements the technology of recurring payments.

CMS extensions

A plugin is a software component that enhances the basic capabilities of another program.

These components are mini-programs that cannot function independently. They can only be installed on specific programs.

Because of their diversity and quantity, plugins are now a top-rated product that allows you to meet all of the needs of users.

Payment Page Hosted

A hosted payment page is a type of payment page that does not reside on a merchant’s website. It enables payments to be made during the checkout process.

When a customer clicks the ‘Buy’ button, they are redirected to this secure payment page, where they enter their payment information. Furthermore, a merchant can personalize it.



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