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The Ultimate List of Best Digital Marketing Courses in 2023 (Sorted by Popularity)

Do you know that 7.9 billion people use the internet worldwide? It's more than the population of multiple nations combined. So this makes online or digital marketing a vital asset for brands and marketers.

This new medium of marketing is continuously growing, with recent trends coming up now and then. Consequently, a growing demand for skilled digital marketers is vital for brands to ace their internet presence.

So, learning this latest skill with online courses can be a great way to grow and crave a successful career. 

In this article, we will tell you why you should pursue a career in digital marketing and some best digital marketing courses in 2022.

Why Pursue A Career In Digital Marketing? (3 BIG Reasons)

Choosing an ideal career path is challenging due to industry trends and personal preferences. So, often people look to learn something new and exciting to create a stable and bright career. One such upcoming career field is digital marketing which has dynamic career opportunities with the increasing horizons of technology.  

Let's give you three compelling reasons why you should pursue a career in digital marketing.  

1. Evolving Role

A big reason to choose digital marketing is its evolving nature. New trends and updates come up every day with changes in the preferences of the target audiences, which makes it interesting. New tools, insights, and complexities in the field are challenging and fascinating. 

2. Better Scope in Future

The traditional marketing mediums are still there. But, there has been a steep rise in digital marketing due to its cost-effectiveness, analytics, and better ROIs. So, it has better scope in the future as a career.

Companies now focus on increasing their digital marketing to gain leads and better sales. Additionally, as we all are connected worldwide via the internet, it's a great way to reach a broader audience in the least amount of time.

3. High Demand

There is a high demand for digital marketing among brands. As per stats, there are 860k openings for digital marketing on LinkedIn alone. Moreover, it's one of the top in-demand jobs at present. Also, there are countless jobs in specific areas under digital marketing.  

After understanding why you should consider pursuing a career in digital marketing, let's tell you how to learn digital marketing and make a successful career from it. 

How To Learn Digital Marketing? (Steps)

If you are wondering how to become a digital marketer, we have listed five steps to become one yourself. 

1. Pick Your Specialty

Digital Marketing is a massive field with multiple specialties: email marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and more. 

So, start by picking a specialty and learning that before moving to comprehensive knowledge would be best. Choosing a specialty is also known as niching down in the industry.

You can gain a basic understanding of it through YouTube videos, educational blogs, or Quora posts. Further, as you deepen your knowledge, investing in more organized learning would be a great idea.

2. Take a Certification Course Online

The next step is more detailed digital marketing learning by taking online certification or professional certificate courses. They will give you an intensive understanding of every aspect of digital marketing and the knowledge to use the latest digital marketing tools. You will also earn a certification after course completion.

3. Build a Digital Marketing Portfolio

After learning digital marketing through courses, you must create a portfolio to pitch to recruiters. The best way is to work on real-life digital marketing projects to showcase your practical skills in digital marketing.  

4. Network on Digital Platforms

To get leads for jobs or freelance work in digital marketing, it is vital to network on digital platforms like LinkedIn or social media sites with experts. Also, you can join their online webinars and meet with other digital marketers to build connections and learn about new opportunities.  

5. Look For In-house Jobs And Agencies 

In the last step, to get into the digital marketing industry as a professional, you need to get an in-house job under a brand. You may also join an agency by applying for their openings through online platforms or physically visiting them. You can use your certification and work portfolio to display your potential and give an idea about your skills. 

10 Best Digital Marketing Courses For 2022

There are many online digital marketing course but choosing the right one for yourself takes some research. Some focus comprehensively on every domain, while others emphasize a particular aspect of SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, or email marketing for a fulfilling career. 

To negate your confusion, we have listed the top 10 best digital marketing courses for 2022 based on their reputation, content, duration, and price below. 

1. Google Analytics Certification 

Google offers a special analytics certificate for individuals and marketers. A certificate from Google will prove to be an excellent asset for your portfolio and resume. 

This popular course makes you understand the insights about the visitors and their behaviors on a particular website. Consequently, their learnings can be helpful for businesses to crave their digital marketing strategies for running effective campaigns. This course by Google is a great way to start your career, particularly for beginners. 

There are two Google Analytics Certification courses, one for beginners and the other is advanced. Both are 3-4 hour courses for self-paced learning with some modules. Also, you will get a certificate from Google after completing this free course. 

2. Inbound Digital Marketing Course by HubSpot Academy 

Learning inbound marketing will help you to attract long-term customers. Additionally, it is helpful for digital marketers to create strategies and execute campaigns. 

HubSpot Academy offers a free Inbound marketing course with a certificate for comprehensive online learning on this topic.

This educational course will help you to learn the techniques of Inbound marketing that helps to get and maintain leads. Moreover, you will learn how to implement automation or learn online tools to use in the marketing process for better results.

It is an ideal course for Inbound professionals and marketers. The Inbound Digital Marketing Course has seven lessons in 24 videos with seven quizzes. 

3. SEO Training Course in Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular tool for keyword research online. Interestingly, Ahrefs provides a free course on SEO training as it makes the core of digital marketing. So, gaining SEO knowledge through this platform will enhance your skills in prime areas of SEO. 

This beginner's course has four modules with 14 lessons. The total duration for this course is 2 hours which is available in 5 languages. But you will not get a certificate after completing this course. It is an ideal course for beginners, small business owners, or marketing team leaders. 

This course teaches SEO basics, on-page SEO, link building, analyzing search intent, ranking difficulties, and technical SEO. 

4. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Google

Google offers one of the best online courses on digital marketing for beginners — Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

You will learn from the industry leader Google itself and earn a certificate at the end of this course. 

You will learn about building an online presence, planning an online business strategy, getting noticed by search ads, enhancing search engine campaigns, social media, mobile optimization, and much more.

Furthermore, you can study it at self-paced learning with 26 modules of 40 hours. Also, Google gives unlimited access to this course. 

5. Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners: Udemy 

Udemy is a popular course marketplace with several online courses that can help you gain new skills. But we aren't recommending the marketplace but the free affiliate marketing course Tyler Stokes offers.

The course will teach you about making a profitable way of earning. It is a beginner's course that helps to become a successful affiliate marketer. 

It will tell you how to choose the right niche, set up a site, and attract visitors to earn commissions. The course has seven lectures in on-demand videos that span for ~2:18 hours. 

You will not get a certificate at the end of the course, but you can pay to access it and get a chance to engage in a Q&A with the instructor. 

6. PPC Fundamentals Course: Semrush Academy 

Semrush is another popular keyword research tool digital marketers use regularly. It has an academy that offers a free PPC fundamental course.

PPC (pay-per-click) is a vital skill in digital marketing that helps you get maximum results with low costs. 

So, you will learn to run successful PPC campaigns with better profits with this free course. Also, you will learn how to avoid overspending on your Google ads. 

The contents of this course include understanding PPC strategy, display campaign optimization, display advertising, branded ads, PPC, use of landing pages, campaign budgeting, display campaign stops, and much more. 

It has 36 lessons that you can cover in 5 hours. There are easy lessons with quizzes to check your understanding.  

7. Content Marketing Fundamental Course with Ashley Segura 

Another offering by Semrush is a content marketing fundamental course by Ashley Segura

This two-hour free course will teach you about content ideation, competitor and audience research, Implementing a content marketing plan, content creation, creating a content calendar, and optimizing and distributing your content. This self-paced course, particularly for beginners, teaches about the crucial aspects of content marketing.  

8. Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing by Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a popular platform for learning skills online. It offers a post graduate program in digital marketing that comes for a cost of US$ 7,000. The duration of this program is six months, with 5 to 10 hours of learning every day. 

This course is mainly for advanced learning, so the candidates need two years of digital marketing experience. Also with that, they need graduation for admission. It is not a self-paced course and has regular classes. 

But, you will learn about SEO, online reputation management, search psychology, PPC strategy, advanced ad features, campaign and ad group organization, keyword research, URL management, and language targeting with website management and optimization.  

Consequently, this is a specialized course for advanced learning offered by Purdue University. But, there is no open-door policy for admission, and the students get selected on specific metrics. 

9. Free Digital Marketing Classes by Skillshare

Skillshare offers a wide range of online digital marketing courses with short duration. It covers essential aspects of digital marketing, like content marketing, social media marketing, digital strategy, search engine optimization, email marketing, copywriting, blogging, and Google Analytics. 

The course covers topic by topic rather than comprehensive learning. So, it's mainly for digital marketers who want to upgrade their skills and learn something new.

On Skillshare, you get the first two months free. So, you can do this course for free or enroll in a premium plan. Also, the course has downloadable worksheets and resources, along with video content.

10. Email Marketing Course by Sendinblue 

Sendinblue is a popular email marketing tool providing a popular email marketing course. Although the perception that emails are unproductive is false, email marketing is a crucial component of digital marketing.

So, why not learn about email marketing from industry experts? It will help you understand email marketing from scratch. You can implement it in your business to build long-term customer relationships.

The course contents include:

  • Managing and segmenting contacts.
  • Ensuring data protection.
  • Growing your subscriber list.
  • Creating campaigns.
  • Improving your marketing email performance.
  • Conducting A/B tests.

Once you learn proper email marketing, it will help you nurture customer relationships with this free course. Also, it has 63 videos and eight quizzes, earning a certificate at the end. At last, it will boost your resume and LinkedIn profile.

In Conclusion

Through these digital marketing courses online, you will learn a lot about digital marketing and its numerous aspects and insights.

Additionally, you will discover the intricate details of this industry and how to develop leads and expand a firm. In the end, you'll find highly compensated digital marketers for your office or business work.

These courses are by industry experts or popular digital marketing tool providers to learn digital marketing from scratch and gain expertise in the field. 

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