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A document management system (DMS) is a complete solution to your problem of maintaining and recording all the documents. It gives you an automated system for organizing, managing, recording, digitizing, and retrieving all the official documents. From small to multinational organizations, everyone needs this system. Keeping track of who edited the documents or maintaining the original copy, or retrieving documents were all herculean tasks, but it is comfortable and straightforward with a document management system.

The age-old technique of managing documents is not secure. It can easily fall into the wrong hands. With the help of a sound document management system, the files can be safe and secure. It also helps in identifying the people who edited the documents. It also allows the provision of accessing high priority documents only to the rightful people.

The Best Document Management Systems in 2021


It is one of the most popular document management systems these days. With Dropbox, you can store and edit both traditional and multimedia documents. While editing the documents, the real-time changes are visible to the users. Optical Character Recognition is a newly added feature to Dropbox; it turns images into text. Another advantage is the seamless integration of numerous third-party tools, which makes dropbox people's favourite.

It allows the safe transfer of files between multiple users and also perfectly showcases all your documents. Another advantage is the massive support from the team in case of any need. Their chat, e-mail, and phone call support are highly responsive and useful.

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is also a popular document management system, which helps you save and manage your documents on the cloud. It also has easy sharing methods, collaboration tools, and secure storing of documents. It also lets you work both online and offline, and you can see your work once you are back online.

It lets you store large files in the cloud in video or text format. Another advantage is it helps you make a back-up file, so there is no loss of information. You can share the files without changing the roper order. And it is highly customizable; you can personalize it according to your brand.


The solution to all your document-related problems lies with the Sharepoint DMS software. It allows you to save your documents in the right way with keywords. Document retrieval is no longer painful, and sharing documents has become so easy. Sharepoint can be synced well with any other Microsoft products. 

With SharePoint, it is possible to share documents with multiple people; more than one member can access and work on the same document. Unauthorized access and documents getting overwritten will become your past nightmares. Sharepoint offers the perfect solution to all these everyday issues. So as the title says, Sharepoint is a life-saver.


It is another affordable solution to your document-related problems. It allows you the flexibility to install the documents on the server. It allows a more secure transfer of files, as they send links when the documents are shared. Finding out the saved document is also not an issue. It also enables you to go paperless, as it allows you to scan and share the images with anyone around the world.

It can be accessed through multiple browsers. Also, it has a smarter and efficient document management method. FileHold also has the feature of working offline, and you can see the reflections once you come online.

Document Locator

Document Locator offers you seamless integration with Windows and a smart document management tool. The most attractive features include paperless scanning, version control, document control, and email management.

It allows you to convert paper documents into complete digital, searchable documents easily. It also has multiple search options, including quick search, advanced search, and power search. It can be accessed across different browsers and platforms. It also offers you a variety of workflows and efficient workflows.

Final Thoughts

Sharepoint intranet software is one of the best available DMS software available now. It can help in the seamless integration of the workspace. Document sharing will no longer be an issue in your organization. It also provides adequate security to the documents. Nowadays, DMS is not just a system to store and retrieve documents, but it also automates the manual actions and workflows. If correctly done, it can make your life easier.

The best benefit of a document management system is the automation of the work process. The Document Management System utilizes the validation rules and helps capture metadata and classifying documents without any human intervention. Communication and collaboration are the two main factors for the success of an organization. With the help of a document management system, you can access the document from anywhere worldwide. Employees can also access documents from distant locations. Remote working is possible with the help of a document management system. It is one of the main reasons why the document management system is a part of the digital transformation trends


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