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Nowadays, scores of music lovers are thinking of establishing their career in the field of music. The modern music world has witnessed a number of modifications. Technology has brought about major improvements in the field of music. Making music is now possible even at home. All you need is just a laptop, midi keyboard, and DAW. In the past, only skilled drummers could play drums, but now making beats is easy with the help of drum VST plugins. The advent of VST plugins has changed the way music was composed. If you are looking for the best drum VST plugins of 2020, this list is made for you. These drum VST plugins will let you unleash your creativity in the world of music. Whether you love acoustic or electronic music, these VST plugins will fit your needs.

Superior Drummer 3

Superior Drummer is one of the most popular drum VST plugins in the world of music production. It was developed by George Massenburg who has been an expert in the field. Studio Drummer offers 7 drum kits that one can use in order to compose beats. All the drum sounds are totally professional and good in audio quality. Thanks to its professional drum sounds, it is the choice of many professionals. You can choose different snares, kicks, and hi-hat from the library. It includes all the professional samples that can add vibes to your composition. It would be wrong to call it just a software tool as it offers multiple drum kits which other drum VST plugins fail to offer. It comes with several mixer effects that can be applied to drum samples according to preferences. If you are looking for a good drum VST plugin, Superior Drummer may undoubtedly be a good option for you.

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2

Addictive Drums is widely known for its great sounds and kits. It may look somewhat similar to Superior Drummer. It includes three drum kits. It includes some of the best midi grooves that you can use in your projects. Audio engineers have left no stone unturned in making it a good drum VST plugin. Addictive Drums offers a channel mixer. Addictive Drums includes almost all useful effects that you can use in order to make the drum sound better. Whether you want to EQ, compress, or add distortion to drum sound, Addictive Drums is undeniably superb. Adding delay can enhance your drum sound. Adding reverb can add thickness to drum sound. It offers a good number of midi loops that you can directly import into your digital audio workstation. It is great, isn’t it? If you are thinking of investing in a good drum VST plugin, XLN Audio Addictive Drums may be the right option for you.

Toontrack EZDrummer 2

EZDrummer is one of the best drum VST plugins on the list. It is appreciated by the scores of music producers all around the world. The first version of EZDrummmer was not as effective as the second version is. The second version of EZDrummer offers five drum kits that you will find good enough. These kits have been recorded professionally by the best audio engineers. It offers tons of effects. You can use these effects to drum sounds and make the drum sound incredible. It offers a wide range of presets that are good to use. It includes a wide variety of midi loops that you can add to your project. The software comes with high-quality midi drum loops played by professional drummers. If you are looking for a great drum VST plugin, EZDrummer is really worth considering.

Nerve Xfer Records

Nerve Xfer Records is an amazing and powerful drum VST plugin on the list. The modern producers often opt for this as it is mainly for those who create electronic music. Similar to the VST plugins above, this tool helps you construct grooves from scratch. It offers awesome drum kits and loops that you can use in order to make groovy beats. It’s not just limited to making beats, in addition to it, it lets you add effects to your drum beats. The fab drum VST plugin is the choice of many electronic music producers thanks to its great features and awesome sounds. Nerve includes over 2GB of loops and drum kits. Sampling is also easy with the help of Nerve. It offers useful features such as velocity control, LFO modulation, and compression. Nerve Xfer Records has maintained a good reputation in the eyes of professionals. It is most likely that Nerve will match your requirements and clear your path to success in the world of music. Try it out if you want.

Steven Slate Drums 5

The final on the list is Steven Slate Drums 5. You can easily create grooves and compose beats with the help of this amazing drum VST plugin. It offers almost all professional features that one may want. It offers a professional library of kicks, snares, hi-hat, and toms. It includes almost 50 kicks, 60 snares, and over 50 toms. All these samples have been recorded professionally. You can combine these samples and create your own kit to construct beats. It lets you control the drum velocity and pan the kicks, snares, or other samples to left or right. It lets you balance drum sounds so that the drum sounds great. It has tons of midi drum loops that you can use in your projects. The great thing about Steven Slate Drums 5 is, it is free, but some limitations may bother you. If you want to get rid of these limitations, you can cough up $149. Steven Slate Drum is really worth giving a try.

All the drum VST plugins mentioned above are undeniably superb. We hope that these best drum VST plugins will clear your path to success in the world of music.

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Source: Best Drum VST Plugins in 2020

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