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Keeping a record of your spending and planning your budgets come extremely handy for managing your finances. You can use Microsoft Excel to keep tabular data of your spendings. Here, pre-built templates for managing your money can make your task a lot easier. Fortunately, there is a fantastic online resource where we can get these templates for free. Vertex42.com has a wide range of free Excel templates available for download. Let’s look at some of the best budget management templates you can find on the site.

Family Budget Planner

Let’s take an example of an ordinary family person; you have to take care of loan repayments, car running expenses, children’s expenses, and cover many other costs. It can sometimes be quite challenging to keep track of all your expenses and avoid overspending. This will require you to have some extensive knowledge of personal finance management. Thankfully, you can use this simple Excel template to make things easier for you. This template is so well designed that it can even go head to head with the popular budget management software “You Need A Budget.” It gives you the ability to project your earnings and expenditures, create yearly or monthly budgets while taking into account the changes in your variable income and expenditure patterns.

Personal Monthly Budget Worksheet

This template is specially designed for managing your personal finances. You should give it a try if you don’t have a family to take care of, but are looking for a tool to take care of your budget management needs. The best part is that it’s super easy to use. It has all the mandatory fields to record your expenses like entertainment, daily expenses, and selective spendings.

College Budget

It sure can be quite intimidating going to a university. Staying away from your parents, managing all of your expenses by yourself, and cleaning, washing, and cooking can seem pretty challenging. There are chances that you may end up exceeding your budget, taking credits and running into overdrafts. Well, thankfully, you have this fantastic Excel template to take care of your college budgeting needs. It gives you the functionality to plan for your spendings relating to tuition/semester fees, rents, credit cards, and food. This will also help you to keep track of your bank balance and all the sources of income that you have.

Wedding Budget Planner

Arguably one of the biggest spendings of your lifetime is the money you spend on organizing a wedding ceremony. Planning a wedding is a big deal; there are over a thousand things to take care of. It can sure seem pretty daunting. This wedding budget planner template will have you covered for planning and deciding the amount of money to be spent on different things. It has almost all the necessary items that need to be taken care of in a wedding ceremony. All the items are organized in groups to help you plan the budget accordingly. If you are planning to have a big wedding ceremony, which includes many things to take care of, this Excel template is here for your rescue.

Saving Goal Tracker

It is certain that in our daily lives, saving money can become a challenge. The prerequisite for saving money is for you to have a defined goal. Having goals merely in your mind is not enough; you need proper visual representation for tracking these goals. This Excel template lets you do exactly that. You can enter the data about your goals, and then it will show visual representation with charts and tables denoting the status of your goals. You will likely disregard your goals once in a while and end up spending more than what you planned for. Keeping track of your goals in an Excel spreadsheet will reduce the chances of that happening.

Excel is an amazing tool to do a lot of things, and managing your expenses is among one of them. All of the templates mentioned here are worth checking out. You may try each one of them and see which one suits your needs the best. Now you don’t need to spend tons of money on expense management software, simply download these free Excel templates and manage your finances seamlessly.

Source : Best Excel Templates for Managing Your Budget


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