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A creative music producer’s search never comes to an end. The truth is, imagination won’t work if you don’t have the right gear to accomplish your mission. Sometimes, money can be a barrier to your success if you have just started putting your steps in the arena of music production. An emerging music producer can’t afford expensive drum machine software; this is why many talented music producers are disheartened. If the same case is with you, there is no need to worry about it. We have prepared a list of some of the best free drum machines so that you can produce amazing beats like a pro and reach your mission without barriers coming in your way. Now is the time to have a look at the best free drum machines.

Beat Factory Drums

Beat Factory Drums is a great drum machine that you can use to create fantastic beasts. You can trigger notes by the MiDi controller if you want. In order to make beats, you can use the step sequencer in any DAW. The drum machine includes almost ten drum kits. Whether you are a Hip-hop lover or dubstep lover, you will find the drum machine good enough. The samples in the drum machine are of high quality and will give a new touch to your music. It has options to help you adjust “Attack,” “Volume,” and “Release.” It is available for free. You can download it on VST4Free.

Drum Pro

Drum Pro is a great free plugin that offers pro-quality drum kits. Making music with this drum machine is superb as kicks are groovy and create no distortion when they are played. 808 drum and Rnb drum kits on the drum machine are really worth appreciating. Making hip hop and trap music using Drum Pro will interest you a lot. You can use it to create beats in the FL Studio’s step sequencer too. The drum can be played via the MiDi controller and recorded in any digital audio workstation software. It comes in both 32bit and 64bit. Drum Pro is available on both Mac and Windows. You can download it for free.

Synsonic BD-909

It is one of the best free drum machines that will take your creativity to the next level. The 909 kick was once a craze. It was once believed to be a great drum kick. It may be wrong to think that it has lost its value during the modern days. Only a few music producers can understand how great the kick really is. It includes almost 16 drums presets that you can choose from according to your tastes. If you are looking for a great drum machine in order to make superb beats, Synsonic may be a great option for you. It is available at no cost for both Mac and Windows.

MeldaProduction MDrumnmer Small

When it comes to a good drum machine, there are many. But when it comes to one of the best ones, it is difficult to forget MeldaProduction MDrummer. It offers a good collection of samples and loops. The loops and drum samples in the software relate to almost all genres. You can select from hundreds of samples to create your own beats. The loops in the library are available in high quality. The latest versions of MDrummer are paid. The MDrummer Small is the only version that you can get for free. This drum machine offers professional quality drum samples. MDrummer is currently available for Mac and Windows.

Dub Turbo DrumTroop

If you want to make electronic dance music and are looking for an excellent free drum machine, DrumTroop will appeal to you and put your search to an end. Creating the beats with the help of this great plugin is quite brilliant. The drum samples in the software offer hi-definition sound. As an EDM producer, it is a good drum machine for you to try out. You can download DrumTroop on VST4Free.

All the drum machines mentioned above are both useful and free. You can put these to your use to create dope beats.

Source: Best Free Drum Machines to Invigorate your Track

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