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The cervix is one of the crucial parts of the body. It is also the place where a baby grows, usually during pregnancy. However, in the majority of the cases, women encounter cervical disorders. Besides, the cervix has a small opening that is enlarged during childbirth. In addition, the cervix also allows menstrual blood to flow. Therefore, cervical disorders are a common problem in women. The problems in the cervical part are as follows:

  • Cervicitis- It is a severe inflammation of the cervix

  • Cervical incompetence- In some cases, the cervix is not able to open properly. It creates difficulty during the delivery. Furthermore, the doctor has to perform casein.

  • Cervical cyst- in other words, the Ovarian Cyst. It is developed around the cervix and disturbs the period cycle. 

Therefore Best Gynaecologist In Pune offers you the best treatment and medication therapy. In fact, book a consultation to get a second opinion or treatment plan.

  • Dr. Deepali Nirawane

Dr. Deepali Nirawane is practicing as the best gynecologist in Pune. She is a trained lady doctor with more than 15 years of medical experience.  In addition to this, she is currently serving her practice as a consultant- Gynaecology in Jupiter Hospital Pune.  Dr. Deepali Nirawane pursued MBBS and MD- Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The doctor processed many cervical procedures and surgeries. 

Graceful as a gynecologist, her expertise includes ovarian cyst removal and C-section. Dr. Deepali Nirawane is well trained and has upgraded technology to treat the cervix, breast and other reproductive systems.

  • Dr. Rushali Jadhav

Dr. Rushali Jadhav is a famous gynecologist in Pune and has 15 years of experience; she is practicing in the medical sector. She is well qualified and majored in gynecology. In addition, she delivers the best consultation and treatment plan to the patients. The doctor pursued  MBBS, DNB-Obstetrics and Gynecology. Furthermore, she is currently serving her practice in Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune. Her service includes ovarian cyst removal, C-section and normal delivery. 

Dr.  Rushali Jadhav gives a perfect consultation and treatment plan. Her consultation delivers the best results. Furthermore, the doctor is proficient in hysterolaparoscopy. 

  • Dr. Madhu Juneja

Dr. Madhi Juneja is a well-known doctor who gives the best treatment for the cervical disorder. She is a health expert in the female reproductive system with more than 14 years of experience. She is currently serving her practice as a consultant at Columbia Asia Hospital Pune. Dr.  Madhi Juneja pursued MBBS, MS- Obstetrics and gynecology. 

Besides, the doctor serves her expertise in Infertility and cervical disorder. Moreover, she is proficient in infertility treatment. In addition, Dr. Madhi Juneja has been a member of a recognized medical association. According to the user experience, she is one of the best gynecologists in Pune.  

  • Dr. Mansi Sharma

Dr. Mansi Sharma is well known for her treatment plan and consultation. She is currently working as a consultant in Columbia Asia Hospital: the doctor has 13 years of medical experience. Dr. Mansi Sharma pursued MBBS, Diploma – Obstetrics and gynecology, and DNB.

If you want a treatment for the cervical disorder, then Dr.  Mansi Sharma is a well-trained professional and handles emergency cases proficiently. Furthermore, the doctor offers best practices in C- section, cervical disorder and other reproductive parts. 

  • Dr. Sushila Netravali

Dr.  Sushila Netravali is a well-experienced doctor in female anatomy. She is a medical expert with more than 12 years of clinical experience.  In addition to this, she is currently serving as a gynecologist at Aditya Birla Hospital Pune. Dr. Sushila Netravali pursued MBBS, Diploma – Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Graceful as a gynecologist, her expertise includes treating cervical problems, PCOS, Normal delivery and C-sections.

Dr. Sushila Netravali is also a member of the medical association. The doctor is available for the video consultation. Further, she gives the best treatment for the cervical disorder. 

What to expect from a gynecologist?

The gynecologist will examine your cervical spine. The examination process is done internally and externally. 

Besides, the doctor will ask you questions regarding your primary signs and symptoms. Then, in the further examination, the gynecologist will check your vulva and uterus. 

The doctor may suggest you run a few tests for the treatment. The test includes a blood test, urine test, cervical infection test and PCOS test. However, the doctors use various tools during the examination. Mostly the gynecologist uses a tool known as a speculum. 

The health expert will provide you with a perfect treatment plan.

Besides, the doctor will provide you with certain medications to treat the inflammation in the cervical region. 

In conclusion, the cervical disorder can be severe. It can be a hindrance during normal delivery. Some cervical disorders can lead to cancer. Women also encounter ovarian cysts, which affect the menstruation cycle. Thus it is necessary to follow the instructions guided by the doctor. In addition, the best gynecologist in Pune will provide proper treatment for the cervical disorder. In case you notice the signs and symptoms, seek immediate treatment. 

Furthermore, the doctor will collect the sample from the cervix. Thus, it helps the doctor to examine cervical cancer. Besides, doctors are well trained and practice gracefully in the medical sector. Moreover, they are proficient in handling challenging cases.

How Credihealth helps you-

The best gynecologists in Pune are available for video consultations on Credihealth. We provide you with the platform to get a consultation with the doctor. Furthermore you can get the right medication and treatment plan. You can call on +91 8010-994-994 to get a second opinion on the cervical disorder. Besides, the doctors provide medications and treatment for various health conditions. 


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