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Periods are hard. With all that a woman goes through, she deserves comfortable and hygienic products during her periods. Products like menstrual cups, reusable pads, roll-on pain relief, tampons, or pantyliners make menstruation easy to deal with.


Years ago, women did not have the options that we have today. They used cloth pieces that were messy and unhygienic. But today, we are lucky enough to have the added protection and product choice. Whether you're a tampon girl or a pad girl, we've got you covered.


Tampons, Pads, and Cups- Which one is better?


The straightforward response to this query is: Whatever works best for you. We'll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of sanitary napkins, pads, and cups soon.


If, however, your current product isn't helping to make your period stress-free, you might want to consider your other options.


When women voiced concerns about using worn-out cotton rags for their periods, something changed, leading to the development of more convenient disposable pads. Less cleaning, a possible infection, and better leak prevention were the results of this.


Sanitary pads are great for beginners and people who do not want to use insertable products in their bodies. Pads, however, are not environmentally beneficial because they accumulate in landfills. People who wear pads also describe feeling damp.


A sanitary pad costs more per use than other reusable products now that alternative period products have been developed. Reusable pads that may be washed and used repeatedly are one possible remedy.


Tampons are known for their “feels like nothing” feeling. Tampons are best if you have a medium to heavy flow, as they have the ability to soak more than a sanitary pad.


Tampons are small in size compared to a menstrual cup and can soak up to 5 hours. The scary thing about tampons is the toxic shock syndrome if left for a longer time. Tampons can even cause bacterial infections if worn for a very long period of time.


Lastly, the menstrual cup is a new revolutionary menstrual product that many people are curious about. Menstrual cups are made from clinical-grade silicon, which is safe for insertion. 


Just like a tampon, a menstrual cup is inserted directly into the vagina. Menstrual cups hold a lot of blood and are very comfortable to wear once habitual. The only con of a menstrual cup is to wash it after every use and sanitize it after every period cycle. However, a menstrual cup can last for five years and gives the cheapest cost per use.


Periods are not just blood, sweat, and tears


Most of us take whatever pills we can get our hands on to obtain relief from the discomfort because no one wants to feel like they're bleeding everywhere. 


But there is an improved approach! I'd love to share a selection of things that will make your menstrual cycle more bearable.

We will cover some of the top menstrual products that are particularly affordable compared to disposable options because they are made to be comfortable, practical, and easy to use.


Top 5 menstrual products for your period days


Do you need some products that will make your periods less harsh and more comfortable? Here are some products that can help you deal with cramps, bloating, and all-around discomfort. These products will give you added protection and also help you save money. So, keep reading.


Boondh Menstrual Cup


Menstrual cups give you the benefit of moving your body. They are perfect for days with heavy flows due to their large capacity. Boondh Menstrual Cup is one such affordable, medical-grade silicone cup that can last up to 10 years!


Think about the money you can save on period products if you have to buy just one in ten years. With a capacity of 15 to 22 ml, this menstrual cup is your best friend on your period days.


It is available for Rs. 450 and can be reused until your wish.


Pee Safe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-On for Period Pain


If you're tired of taking painkillers on your period, give this product a try. Rachel really meant it when she said, “No Uterus, No Opinion.” Period cramps are painful and can make your day miserable.


This product is a cutting-edge, 100% herbal roll-on that offers long-lasting relief from period cramps. This roll-on oil does not leave any residue or oil on your body or a stain on your clothes. 


The cramp relief product quickly absorbs into the skin. On days when you are menstruating, you can apply it to your thighs, lower back, and abdomen.


It's a herbal and quick way to keep your cramps at bay. Due to its compact design, you can keep it in your bag and take it anywhere.

It is available for just Rs. 160 at Cossouq.


Boondh Cloth Pad: Extra Large Size – Mahogany Red


It's time you ditch the one-time-use pad with these reusable cloth pads.

These cotton pads provide a more sustainable option to single-use sanitary products. 


A pad-like shape is created by stitching layers of cotton together. However, unlike disposable pads, which only have a 4-6 hour lifespan, cloth pads can be used repeatedly for up to five years with the right care.


Each pad has a layer of pul at the bottom to help make sure they are leak-proof. These features make a reusable pad more efficient to use. If you want to keep your vagina healthy and free of toxins, then switch to reusable pads.


These pads are available for Rs. 242 in different sizes and colors.


Sanfe Digital Tampons Day/Night


Tampons can be eco-friendly, safe, and convenient if used correctly. They give you the comfort of a menstrual cup and can absorb more than a pad. Plus, it is movement friendly! This means tampons won't restrict your movement, and you can carry on your day like a boss.


These Sanfe Tampons are made with highly absorbent technology, which keeps you clean and dry for several hours. These are 100% GOTS-certified and chemical-free, making your period hassle-free.


If you are thinking of making a switch from sanitary pads, then give tampons a try. Once you're comfortable with tampons, you can continue wearing them or switch to menstrual cups.  


Give these Sanfe Tampons a try, as they are available for just Rs. 149.


Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners, Pack of 25


Post-period mess is real. And that's when panty liners come to the rescue. Panty liners can be worn while using a tampon or a menstrual cup or on days when you're not so sure about your period. 


These ultra-thin pads are great for protection and are a must-have period product. If you want to save your underwear from tough blood stains, then panty liners are your best friends. These are thin, rash-free, and work for vaginal discharge as well.


These Pee Safe Aloe Vera pant liners add a light and refreshing smell due to the aloe vera which is added to the product. It has been thoughtfully designed with the female body in mind to offer the best and most comfortable coverage throughout the day.


Each liner measures 185mm in width and features a curved, cottony-soft surface that shields the wearer from rashes and irritation. These panty liners are available just for Rs. 96 at Cossouq.


We hope these menstrual products will make your periods easier. 


Tampons, Menstrual cups, Pads, and Roll-ons are just a few of the essentials. Remember: What works for one woman may be a nightmare for another. 


Try out a few different possibilities in order to find your ideal match. Finding one you like will probably be a trial-and-error process, but don't let that deter you. All the above-listed products are available at Cossouq.com. Hurry and grab your favorites.




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