Have you been wondering what the best Minecraft server hosting service is now that we are moving into 2022?

You're not alone, this question is on the minds of most Minecraft players.

If you have played Minecraft before or intend to in the near future, you most definitely know how important it is to use the  best Minecraft server hosting service during multilevel gameplay for the best gaming experience. 

Even though it’s possible to play Minecraft solo, the multiplayer option remains the most popular playing mode.

Since it encourages players to interact with each other. With the multiplayer version, you can join a team and go on adventures, undertake quests, go to battle or co-exist peacefully.

To be able to play Minecraft online with players from around the world, you need access to a hosting server, you can either buy or rent it.


Released in 2009, Minecraft has grown into one of the most played computer games in the world.

An indie game centered around a world of blocks, Minecraft players gather resources in the game to build shelter and refuge from monsters that appear in the night.

You have the option of either playing alone, with a group of friends, or with random players on the internet.

Minecraft is what is known as a  ‘sandbox game’; meaning a virtual reality game where every user creates their own experience.

In addition, Minecraft is available on many different gaming platforms, from Playstation to  Xbox,  Pi, Nintendo Wii, computers, and even mobile phones.


Minecraft’s overwhelming success took the gaming world by surprise, including the small team of manufacturers who created the game.

It is popular among kids, teenagers, and adults alike. So far, over 200 million copies have been sold and it has been labeled the most successful franchise the gaming world has ever known.

It has even been criticized for causing an addiction problem with kids. Nevertheless, the game’s appeal doesn’t seem to be fading away with time.

With schools and education experts finding new ways to make Minecraft an educational experience and more gamers always in search of the best Minecraft Server Hostingplatform.


best Minecraft server hosting

One of the main reasons for Minecraft’s massive success is its flexibility, though the game can be played in survival mode like most video games it also has another ace which is the creative mode.

Playing in creative mode allows most players to unleash their creativity and imagination.

Players can build castles, mansions, palaces, houses, dungeons, and about anything you can think of.

In Redstone, players can take on all kinds of interesting challenges and quests.

Another reason why Minecraft is so popular is that the tasks are never-ending, there’s always something to do, a mission to undertake that leads to something else.

For example, players have to get wood to make a pickaxe they’ll use to mine coal, the coal will be used to light torches that will, in turn, be used to get the stone to build better tools, that will make mining gold easier.

The list goes on and on and all these tasks come with a time frame in which players have to finish them or get killed and have to start over.


Every Minecraft player knows the richness of the experience lies in team play, the multiplayer mode is the game’s best asset and playing in such a mode needs the players to come together on a private network.

This is what is meant by a Minecraft server, a network you create and invite others to join in for a multiplayer experience.

A server can have restrictions made by the person creating it, they could restrict players through their username or IP address, and other criteria.

Anytime a server is created, it has to be hosted and for that a great deal of expensive hardware is needed.

And since not everyone can afford such equipment, there are companies that offer hosting for a fee.

This means you have to pay a fee equivalent to renting their hardware, there are quite a number of such companies out there and not all of them live up to players' expectations.

That’s why we have put together a list of the best Minecraft server hosting providers in the market today. 

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services 


Hostinger International Ltd has over 29 million worldwide users. This platform is among the best Minecraft server hostingcompanies you’ll find.

Hostinger is a  cloud-based hosting for Minecraft service that was founded in 2001 and is available in 170 countries.

Hostinger’s servers are located in five different countries namely the US, UK, Lithuania, Netherlands, and Singapore. 

    24/7 data protection
    Instant setup available
    30-Day money-back guarantee


With a monthly fee of $ 8.95, Hostinger lets you set up a  Minecraft Virtual Private Server (VPS) that runs  24-hours a day and 365 days a year.

The hosting package comes with a 2GB to 8GB Minecraft hosting memory. Such hosting capacity is every Minecraft multiplayer’s dream come true. 

Hostinger Features 

  • Hostinger offers 24/7 data protection, dual CPUs, DDoS protection, free MySQL, and guarantees a 99.9% uptime without any server traffic with each hosting for Minecraftplan.  
  • The instant set-up feature makes it very easy to host with Hostinger, with just a few clicks you can get your server up and running. There are plugins you install and online tutorials at your disposal to make everything run smoothly.
  • Hostinger has a user-friendly interface that does not require any technical knowledge to navigate. The control panel is designed with instant set-up and time-saving in mind.
  • Another feature that makes Hostinger an ideal hosting for Minecraft is the cloud-based off-site backup you get with your Hostinger account. You are offered Android and iOS mobile apps directly from Play Store and every one of them comes with automatic backup.
  • Hostinger also has 24/7 customer support at your disposal as well as a 30-days money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service.


Based in Estonia, this Minecraft server hosting service is popular for its ultra- low optimization latency.

ScalaCube costs barely  $ 5 a month with a $ 2.5 discount on renewals. With a capacity of 768MB RAM ScalaCube supports up to 10 players at a time.

ScalaCube lets you pay your subscription through PayPal, Visa, and Master cards. 

    User-friendly interface
    Free Domain and free MYSQL
    24/7 customer service



ScalaCube Features

  • ScalaCube offers its players a free domain and a free MY SQL for MC players. 24/7 DDoS protection, 4-server locations, a BungeeCord, and modpack support are offered in addition.
  • ScalaCube offers a great number of options such as Snapshot, ATLauncher, Forge, Void’s Wrath, FTB, Cauldron, Spigot, Bukkit, PaperMC, and a lot more.
  •  Its user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer service make for a very smooth user experience. ScalaCube has a stable backup system in addition to a forum and support team. All of which makes ScalaCube one of the best Minecraft hosting service providers.


Considered the best Minecraft hosting server for beginnersApexHosting goes for $ 5.99 per month for the first subscription and $  4.49 subsequently.

It comes with 1 GB RAM and a 5 minutes install plus set-up on PC, Apex hosting is spread over servers in15 locations around the world.

With major countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Russia, China, Israel, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, and Poland.

    Full control and fast connections
    Free Domain with every subscription
    24/7 online chat support



  Apex Features

  •  Apex Hosting gives you a free domain with every new Minecraft hosting subscription. The hosting package includes full DDoS protection, 24/7 online chat support, and automatic data backup.
  • Most Minecraft enthusiasts believe Apex Hosting is the best Minecraft hostingbecause it uses Java language and  Bedrock servers which gives you full control, fast connections, and tons of options to choose from.
  • Apex Hosting servers are lag-free, easy to navigate with video tutorials for beginners and a detailed control panel that makes everything easy.
  • This particular hosting service provider kicks things up a notch with available plugins, maps, mods, and mini-games all for the benefit of the person hosting. With these awesome specs, there is no doubt why Apex hosting has earned the reputation of being amongst the best Minecraft hosting servers on the web. 


Another one that has made it to the list of the best Minecraft Server Hostingproviders is BisectHosting.

Coined the most affordable Minecraft hosting service, BisectHosting starts at $ 2.99 per month. As if that’s not cheap enough, there’s a 15% discount on yearly subscriptions.

Ideal for MC users, it is very beginner-friendly and does everything to guarantee a great multiplayer experience despite the low cost.

BisectHosting has 8 server locations spread around the globe to assure latency. They have 5 server locations in the US alone and others in Europe, Canada, and South America.

    Unlimited SSD space
    Full FTP and root access
    24/7 customer support


BisectHosting Features 

  • Some of the specs include unlimited SSD space, DDOS protection, full FTP access, and full root access. There’s also 24/7 support, and  custom JAR support. 
  • Acclaimed for being an affordable Minecraft server hosting provider, Bisect Hosting was created out of necessity by a team of Minecraft players with first-hand knowledge and experience of what is needed to make every session enriching.
  • Bisect Hosting offers unlimited hosting slots for its premium packages as well as 1- 32GB RAM. In addition, you get free subdomains, free MySQL, modpack,  24/7 customer support, and DDoS protection. 
  • There’s also a possibility to tailor your experience by choosing only the features that appeal to your exact needs at no extra cost. This is what makes for the best Minecraft Server Hosting experience.


Shockbyte is another cheap hosting option that has succeeded in making it to the list of best Minecraft hosting servers.

ShockByte has built a reputation of being a provider of robust hardware, with plans named Zeus, Titan, and Spartan there’s no doubt that ShockByte packs a powerful performance.

RAM goes as high as 10GB, 12GB, and 16GB, levels most hosting service providers can only dream of.

With ShockByte, you can spend as little as $ 2.50 a month for a basic plan of 20 slots and 1GB and as high as $22.50 monthly. 

Shockbyte servers are found in Europe, Australia, and Singapore and offer  24/7 customer support across all three continents.

    Unlimited SSD storage
    Automatic backups
    100% server uptime



ShockByte Features

  • Alongside a free subdomain, you’ll get unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth, automatic backup, custom JAR support, and full FTP access.
  • ShockByte is not exclusive to Minecraft players, it also caters to other popular games like Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust and Arma 3 just to name a few.
  • The company stands with the best Minecraft Server Hostingplatforms byguaranteeing a 100% server uptime and full DDoS protection as well as an automated setup and backup.  
  • Shockbyte uses Java Edition and Bedrock to support all versions of Minecraft hosted on their servers. Versions like BungeeCord, Spigot, Snapshots,  CraftBukkit, Sponge, Forge, and Vanilla.

Minimum Requirements For Minecraft Server Hosting

Anyone who has ever considered hosting a game knows it is not by any means an easy feat.

However, Minecraft has been simplified to the maximum making it easier to host than other games.

Here are the minimum requirements for a basic Minecraft server hosting for a group of about 10 players, known in the gaming jargon as Vanilla hosting  :

  • At the very least you need a computer with 1GB RAM and 1 CPU Core hardware to take a shot at Minecraft hosting. Our recommendation is to go for 2GB RAM and 2 CPU Core for a better experience.
  • You’ll also need an SSD storage space even though this is more flexible and not as important as the RAM and CPU capacity if you want thebest Minecraft Server Hosting.
  • Bear in mind that the more players you plan to host the more performance power and hardware you need. In addition, you’ll have to consider including the use of mods and plugins to increase efficiency.
  • A  VPS plan such as Hostinger’s Minecraft Villager Plan that goes for  $12.95 a month and offers  3GB of RAM  is a nice option if you want to host more than 10 players without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft Earth

Hosting a Minecraft server has never been easier than it is today with multiple hosting options available for every budget.

There’s also the possibility of free hosting though it is not recommended due to its lack of reliability.

Hosting companies are rolling out the red carpet to ensure users have the best experience on their platforms, this has made it even more difficult to tell which hosting service is better than the other.

Our list takes into account features that are highly in demand and aspects that will shape your overall gaming experience when deciding which is thebest Minecraft hosting service.

In the gaming world, there’s a general consensus that Hostinger is the best Minecraft Server Hostingprovider and it has been so in the last few years.

Hostinger offers everything found in other hosting packages and much more.

With Hostinger you are spoilt in terms of storage space, CPU, ease of use, customer support, and the icing on the cake is that it is super affordable.

Plus if over 29 million people across the globe are using it, then they must be on to something. 


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