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This year, the overall mobile phone market has declined, which is called the winter of the industry. However, there is one market where the scenery is unique and has achieved rapid growth. This market is mobile accessories online.

Why are mobile accessories online a news nugget?

Take Double 11 as an example. In the good start of Double 11, sales of mobile phone accessories on JD.com increased by 293% year-on-year, and sales of mobile accessories online Double 11 also achieved much higher growth than mobile phones.

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Why are mobile accessories a new nugget? This depends on the changes in user needs. On the one hand, 2020 is the middle stage of the two disruptive technology waves of mobile phones, which has led to more and more homogenization of mobile phones; on the other hand, with the user circle With the trend of globalization, users’ personalized needs are getting stronger and stronger, which has made the mobile phone accessories market booming over the past two years.

In fact, the mobile accessories market has been developing well, but in the past few years, it was more of a number of small and medium-sized manufacturers, who introduced a variety of personalized mobile phone cases, data cables and other accessories products. With the development of consumption upgrades, users are more and more inclined to buy high-quality accessories products, which has prompted a reshuffle of the uneven mobile phone accessories market. The outstanding performance is that more and more mobile phone brand manufacturers have joined the mobile phone accessories market. Come in.

Looking at the 2020 mobile phone manufacturer conferences, in addition to releasing mobile phone products, more and more mobile phone accessories products are turning from supporting roles to protagonists. Regardless of the fact that accessories are simpler than mobile phones, it is not easy to win users. It is necessary to accurately grasp the pain points of users and provide an experience that exceeds user expectations in order to truly gain users' favor.

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From my personal observations, many celebrity mobile phone accessories have emerged in 2020. For example, mobile phone accessories such as Huawei's coffee storage, Huawei AI speakers, Black Shark gamepad, and OnePlus Cloud Ear are very popular. When I visited the Huawei Mobile Smart Life Museum in Shanghai’s Aegean Shopping Center recently, I couldn’t put it down with several Huawei mobile accessories. For example, Huawei's high-definition wireless screen projector is definitely an artifact for those who like to watch movies on a large screen. You can wirelessly project your mobile phone to the TV to enjoy 4K ultra-high-definition movies.

Of course, my favorite mobile phone accessory is still Huawei’s coffee storage. This “gadget” can be called a star item in the field of mobile phone accessories in 2020. Since the pre-sale, it has gained steadily rising sales and an excellent user reputation. Many consumers were impressed by its convenience and quickness, and in the comments, one after another expressed “strongly recommend it, it is very cool to use”.

The popularity of Huawei’s backup coffee storage revealed the nuggets of the mobile phone accessories market

The popularity of HUAWEI’s storage system reveals the secrets of the mobile phone accessories market, reflecting how a mobile phone accessory product can finally win users by hitting the pain points of users.

Take me for example, the reason why I like Huawei's coffee storage is based on three reasons: practicality, simplicity, and beauty.

First, Huawei’s backup coffee storage is particularly practical, capable of high-speed backup and fast charging. Nowadays, smart phones are the most frequently used tools. Taking photos or videos, storing files, etc., will cause insufficient storage when the phone is used for a few months. At this time, you need to delete some things to optimize storage, but every photo and every one Files are reluctant to delete, so the role of Huawei backup coffee storage is reflected. 1Tb of large-capacity storage can back up the content on the phone without worrying about deleting things by mistake.

Huawei backup storage can not only back up, but also fast charge. Connected to the mobile phone, Huawei's backup coffee storage can be backed up and charged at the same time, or it can be charged and backed up at the same time. The backup stored by Huawei Back-up is very fast, you can back up 10 photos in 1 second, and it also supports 5V2A, 9V2A Huawei Fast Charge, 5V4.5A Huawei Super Fast Charge and other charging specifications, which can achieve fast charging in a short time .

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Second, it is easy to use, which is very important for users. Because most mobile phone users are not professionals, the simpler the better for mobile phone accessories, it is best to plug and play, don’t have too many complicated settings. HUAWEI back-up storage accurately hits this pain point of users. When using it, you only need to plug in your mobile phone to automatically recognize and automatically back up. There is no need to install an APP or set up.

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